MSI clocks DDR clock speed record

The MSI Z170A motherboard showed god like gaming power when it achieved the world's highest DDR4 memory frequency.

Sillicur3269d ago

Damn thats impressive. What was the previous record?

DesVader3269d ago

That's impressive, but what is the price of that little beauty?

HoldenZA3269d ago

Wow that is quite impressive, turn it up to 11 indeed!

ZhukNasimPog3269d ago

Isn't this similar to the Ps4 ddr speed

ABBAJESUS3269d ago

you can't really compare DDR4 and GDDR5

ZhukNasimPog3269d ago

It's good to see PC catching up with consoles

AndrewLB3269d ago


They're well beyond consoles. How much memory does the PS4 have again? 176gb/s for both CPU/GPU to share?

My graphics card alone has 370gb/s, plus the CPU has it's own 16gb DDR3-2400 which has about 36gb/s

jmc88883268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

So what was the performance increase? How far did they relax the timings?

Higher speed isn't always better. You want the highest speed at the tightest timings.

Every time you relax timings, you lose a good portion, sometimes even more then you gain from raising the clockspeed.

Plus, with DDR3, the impacts with memory speed weren't very big on gaming. A tight timing 1333 was basically as good as any 2666 or higher memory module speed wise.

So... overall what were the effects vs. DDR3, and vs. stock DDR4 in gaming?


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purple10161d ago (Edited 61d ago )

is this the one with the switch2 chip inside.?

this is Intels first try at the format

probs not though, as it's $799. so not good for switch actually

Huey_My_D_Long61d ago

Well thats nice considering Ive heard it consistently performs worse when it really shouldn't.

Now if only Lenovo would do the same for the legion go


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