Why Scalebound, Crackdown 3 and Quantum Break aren't coming to PC

Microsoft showed Crackdown 3, Scalebound and Quantum Break at the Xbox conference this week. If Microsoft are planning to make Windows 10 part of the Xbox ecosystem, why not bring those games to PC? so PC world put the question to the head of Microsoft's Xbox division, Phil Spencer.

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StrayaKNT1629d ago

They obviously won't but I hope atleast crackdown does and we get to do cross play and use mods that would be INSANE.

Highly doubt they will come to pc, maybe down the line when they stop selling and xbox owners have finished them and moved on Microsoft might want to put them on pc? Doubt it though.

bicfitness1629d ago

"It’s not to say those games could never come to Windows..." Why not take 5s to read the article? It's a non-emphatic statement filled with vagaries and guesswork. They won't come AT LAUNCH. Sounds as if what happens thereafter is still in question, and MS (just like Capcom/ SE/ Namco) isn't dumb enough to cannibalize sales on their console versions until they're out in the wild for while.

To be fair, the flamebait title doesn't help matters.

RiseofScorpio1629d ago

Or he doesn't want to burn bridges and say "never coming to PC haha".

freshslicepizza1629d ago

what about recore, is that coming to the pc?

we all know the real reasons why games like quantum break are for now exclusive to the xbox is because microsoft is caught in the middle of trying to promote windows while at the same time trying to promote the xbox one.

they also likely don't want games like halo 5 to have online with both pc and xbox gamers since the pc has an edge in competitive play. the mouse is just more accurate. all they need to do is separate the online and not have cross play multiplayer. they could still have halo 5 on the pc. at least halo 6 should for all intense purposes be also on the pc.

many here seem to think allowing xbox games on the pc will cannibalize the console market. that's not true. you still have a very sizeable market that is interested in a closed box for relatively cheap investment. nintendo is the only company who still thinks you can only play their games on their hardware. this is why they continue to make hardware that is unique.

Genuine-User1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Quantum Break will most probably make its way to PC in a year or two. Remedy titles have appeard on PC since Max Payne.

RiseofScorpio1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )


Microsoft doesn't own Alan Wake and Remedy had to ask MS to put it on PC 2 years after 360. Whereas this time Microsoft owns QB and it makes no sense (no multiplayer/crossplay) for it to be on PC unless Remedy campaigns for it to be which I doubt since they let MS own the IP.

Genuine-User1629d ago


I guess you have a point. Time will tell.

4Sh0w1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Yeah I just explained this situation multiple times in 1 thread to someone who wanted debate why microsoft will support pc with all its high profile games. As I explained it would make terribble business sense to make all their exclusives that they have a huge financial investment in available on pc. Dont get me wrong pc support is good and there are profits to be made on pc but they need to proritize X1 1st because if you are talking all or most all of their biggest exclusives day and date with X1 version then X1 sales will take a significant hit. I think bringing some of their big games 1-2 yrs later would be fine as those really interested in said game isnt going to wait years for each X1 exclusive to finally come to pc.

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BallsEye1629d ago

mods for crackdown? not possible as stuff is done on server side. Server side version and client version need to be exactly same.

Perjoss1629d ago

Only the multiplayer sie of things work this way, single player is just a normal game.

Dark_king1629d ago

while true they do you could always rent servers to host the game with mods.I mean that is what MS's azure is really for company's to rent.

dcbronco1629d ago

I wouldn't say it can't be done. If the pieces used to build the mod carry the same physics based makeup there is no reason it couldn't be done. So if you add a Warthog from Halo like in Forge, the real physics are already a part of that particular item. They could then add a viability test using the cloud to see if structures are viable.

You build a castle that doesn't have the thickness in the foundation to hold the weight of the structure and it collapses in the test. You get an analysis of what went wrong. Actually think of this for the implications for the next Minecraft.

BallsEye1629d ago


Not if SP is using cloud for destruction. I don't think crackdown has offline mode. It would make no sense.

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Aenea1629d ago

But, but, but, PCs aren't designed to support Da Cloudz! :p

NinjaNick1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

The X1 is a gaming pc. It runs Win 10. It supports the cloud. So can any PC with that OS, if MS allows it.

Rookie_Monster1629d ago

Oh well. AT least KI and Halo Wars are coming. There are certain games that belongs on consoles and some works well with crossplay beteeen platform like fighters abd RTS and a Game like Fable legendss. I never expected anyone of these new Gamescom xb1 IPS to be on PC.

FlexLuger1629d ago

I agree. while some XB1 titles will come to PC, in the broader windows cross play scope of things, I dont see key xbox titles going anywhere. Forza and halo will stay put. as will scalebound, crackdown and recore. Ill bet money on that.

But a game set in the halo universe..odst 2 perhaps? for sure? they have already announced halo wars for PC. I see new IP that exploit cross play being key, here. or old IP getting a cross play spin off, like fable legends and halowars. It makes total sense without diminishing the appeal of the xbox.

JsonHenry1629d ago

Can't say I'm personally interested in any of those titles but I know there will be a lot of people upset.

Most likely they wouldn't bring Crackdown to PC because then they'd have to admit all those physics are not really powered by the cloud as much as they say when a single mid-range PC could do the job.

Sonyslave31629d ago

You do know their cloud work on PC -___-

JsonHenry1629d ago

Yes, but its not needed for such a low end game when one Nvidia card with Physx can do the job. lol

NinjaNick1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

They said it took 14 servers to calculate the destruction in that one Crackdown multiplayer vid and that even a high-end dev PC couldn't run it alone. So how is a single gpu going to?? Unless you're saying they lied..

Or do you just have no concept of the amount of calculations required for something of this caliber? And why isn't there a pc game with such destruction then, if you can run it with a consumer gpu?

Dynasty20211629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Most PC users don't want the vast majority of console exclusives anyway.

If we did, we'd have petitions. We did it with the Dark Souls series, and the games are best played there now - looks and runs better, and we're not reliant on PSN/Live to be working.

We didn't scream for Phantom Pain to come to PC, yet Kojima saw Steam for how incredible it is, and how strong the PC gaming community is, and decided yes, lets bring Metal Gear properly to the PC. If Ground Zeroes is anything to go by, Phantom Pain will look and run FAR better on PC as proven by Konami's screenshot comparisons. Ground Zeroes was one of the best ports ever made for PC. It runs flawlessly.

The inconvenient truth for console owners bragging about their exclusives not being on PC, is that PC players don't want them, because we prefer quality games.

Proven by how poorly a lot of first-on-consoles games sell.

If Uncharted suddenly came to PC, you'd get a few 10s of thousands of sales, maybe 100,000.

Aenea1629d ago

"Most PC users don't want the vast majority of console exclusives anyway."


starchild1629d ago

Can't say I agree with you guys. I do the majority of my gaming on PC and I say 'the more games the better'. We're not all going to like the same things, but having more options is always a good thing.

Personally, I've enjoyed every Remedy game and I'll be disappointed if Quantum Break doesn't eventually make its way to PC.

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corroios1629d ago

QB will come to the PC, but the other two i wont put my hands on the fire.

BlackPanther1629d ago

Why are you so sure QB comes to PC? Because Alan Wake came to PC, that isn't a definitive that QB goes as well.

RiseofScorpio1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Microsoft doesn't own Alan Wake and Remedy had to ask MS to put it on PC 2 years after 360. Whereas this time Microsoft owns QB and it makes no sense for it to be on PC unless Remedy campaigns for it to be.

corroios1629d ago

because Phil Spencer already talk about the relationship with PC, it changed.

Fro_xoxo1629d ago

It doesn't matter where else they go. .
so long as they doesn't appear on a rival platform which the PC isn't.

ScorpiusX1629d ago

Or sold thru Steam all is good .

christocolus1629d ago


Exactly. It is obvious we will never see these games on any rival platform and in his interview with eurogamer Phil said they had more titles planned for 2016 so im guessing maybe we'll get sequels to crimson skies and mech assault announcements at E3 next year and both games will feature crossplay with windows gamers.

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