PES 2016 Demo Is Out Now

FIFPlay: Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is out now in more regions (Incl. Germany, Austria, Netherlands, New Zealand and Hong Kong) on PlayStation Store - File size: 3.28 GB.

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philm871627d ago

Wow, nice and early release. Will see later if it makes me cancel my Fifa 16 pre-order.

Yi-Long1627d ago

Just played it for an hour orso. Gameplay feels fantastic, best ever for PES, but the big negative is that again the CPU pretty much never makes a foul, so you hardly get any free kicks.

In 7-8 games orso I only got 2 free kicks (from fouls), and both of those were in 1 match.

TKCMuzzer1627d ago

I cranked the difficulty up and got nailed on the edge of the box.

3-4-51627d ago

Sounds good, can't wait to play the full game.

mafiahajeri1627d ago

It's sooooo bad waste of 3 gb, robotic animations, magical ball physics.

The worst is that there's no sense of pace to the game, feels like a jumbled ass mess.

SquidBuck1627d ago

lol at least it's something different than fifa, which is the same every damn year.

Speak_da_Truth1627d ago

You mean the same kind of pace found in Fifa which EA is promising isn't in Fifa 16 lol

WellyUK1627d ago

I actually really like this PES feels much more like a football game than FIFA. It's slower allowing for build up play rather than the lofted through ball and pace abuse fest that FIFA is. Fifa also has a big problem with being inconsistent and the AI ruin FIFA to a point where the game is 100% luck based due to AI doing stupid stuff which costs you the game.

TKCMuzzer1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

What a crock comment. I feel the complete opposite, great player likenesses, top quality animation, individual players that feel different, play passing or long ball, Ai runs of the ball, realistic deflections, players intercepting the ball. It plays very well and as a past pes player it's very good.
I think you love Fifa and realise it has its true challenger back, and that annoys you somewhat. Enjoy your funny shaped players, odd ball physics and yearly sales pitch of a pointless feature.

mafiahajeri1627d ago

Nah lool why would I lie to myself? The game is crap IMO I want the old feeling I used to get when I would play PES.

Ahh I see you have the return of the king syndrome? You should have that checked...

Enjoy your floaty ball pyhsics...

iistuii1627d ago

How many times did you get fouled ? let me guess er a big fat 0. I played many times today, graphics great, ball physics good, keepers crap, no fouls from AI not a single slide tackle from AI, it feels great to knock the ball about, but its like a training match, no way this represents a game of football. Fifa may have its problems but when your in a game you feel like it, with fouls red & yellow cards free kicks & penalties, its meant to have all this yet PES does not.

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theshredded1627d ago

I'm glad the file size is on the submission, saved me from a click. I wish it was less than 3 though, lots of backlog to download first

TKCMuzzer1627d ago

Er, you can download things in the order you want. Seems a very odd reason not to try a demo.

Speak_da_Truth1627d ago

I can't find it on the US PSN store.

hennessey861627d ago

Is there a PC demo this time?

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