Resident Evil 2 Remake officially in development, Capcom confirms

Classic survival horror Resident Evil 2 is officially being remade, Capcom has announced.

While details on the project won't be revealed for some time, understands that the title will be a complete remake of the original game built for modern platforms.

The remake is being produced by Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, the producer behind this year's Resident Evil HD Remake.

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Walker1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Been waiting for a RE2make for a long time

iNcRiMiNaTi1630d ago

Alyson Court better be voicing Claire and not whoever the hell it is in Revelations 2.

Professor_K1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

I miss this game so much! heres hoping they dont screw it up

-Foxtrot1630d ago

I've wanted this for so long

Now I'm worried if they will change it into something like RE6

miyamoto1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Whoever the character artist in RE The Darkside Chronicles for my PS3 should reprise his role in this remake.
His version of Claire in beyond fantastic!
Way to go Capcom!

Staying true to your promise of making more games on PS4 will earn you my renewed trust and patronage. We will make Sony will give you all the funding you need.

Plaese make it like the true cinematic horror movie game that it should be. Complete with all the love drama between Leon and Ada.

And please bring back the unlimited rocket launcher code again.

Revolver_X_1630d ago

With Claire being my fav of the series, I always liked her look in the animated movies the best. Revelations 2 is just depressing.

Kombatologist1630d ago

Oh man, I totally forgot about Resident Evil: Degeneration. Thanks for reminding me. :D

You said movies, though. I'm only aware of Degeneration and Damnation. I haven't seen Damnation, but Claire isn't listed in the Damnation credits on IMDb. Is there another movie I'm not aware of?

Revolver_X_1630d ago

nah, your right, just a typo. She was only in Degeneration.

gangsta_red1630d ago

I bet they will!

No doubt they'll have the same co-op type of gameplay found in part 5 and 6 using Clair and Leon side by side.

MoveTheGlow1630d ago

They won't RE6 it. Not with the success of the RE re-remake, which is what really sealed the deal for them. It's financially mandatory for them to NOT RE6 the thing.

Also, can I just say how happy I am that the next remake wasn't Resident Evil 0? I mean, good on them for doing something a little different, but ugh.

I just want a new Code: Veronica :)

-Foxtrot1630d ago

They are doing Resident Evil 0 though

It's out next year

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Neonridr1630d ago

Looks like Capcom has lost all their ideas, so they will just end up re-releasing the entire catalogue. Guess 3 will be next followed by Code Veronica. By that time they can go back and release part 4 for the 17th time as some super-duper ultra HD port.

Neonridr1630d ago

I guess.. at least we are getting good Resident Evil games this way.. :P

-Foxtrot1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )


They could take this opportunity to make the "Remake" games a new timeline

So when they've finished with Resident Evil 3 they could do Resident Evil 4 featuring Leon but it would be a totally different game.

No plagas, no enemies wielding guns, the plot of RE4 does not exist in this universe.

What about if instead of Leon telling Chris about Claire being caught by Umbrella on Rockford Island he actually goes to find her himself.

A mix between RE4 and Code Veronica

Neonridr1630d ago

maybe take the original RE4 prototype and run with that instead.

Hoffmann1630d ago

That would fix the series for me. The best case would be that RE stays RE, a survival horror series but there would also be spinoff games which can be more action orientated like RE4-6.

-Foxtrot1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )


I agree but they'll have to get rid of the supernatural elements.

Maybe Leon doesn't become an agent for the President and goes freelance to hunt down Umbrella. Maybe they've kidnapped Sherry from the Government.

A new mansion Spencer had built maybe but it's run down and not fully finished giving it that spooky, haunted house feel like the RE3.5 beta


For me the story in RE 1-3 is fine but with RE4 - 6 it becomes so over the top and complicated. It all started with the plagas so by removing the plagas they can just stick to Zombies and smaller mutations/creatures.

Whatever happens RE4 must have Leon, Claire and Zombies.

Pozzle1630d ago

I'd be happy if they retconned anything regarding the Wesker Children, Alex Wesker, and Wesker's son.

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hemmo19861630d ago

I'm happy for resident evil remakes. Some of my most memorable moments of gaming were from playing these titles

FoxyGotGame1630d ago

My favorite in the entire series ....RE2 Remake?

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