Genyo Takeda - Nintendo's Unknown Legend

While the gaming knows a lot about Shigeru Miyamoto, his partner in leading Nintendo, Genyo Takeda, is a more mysterious figure. Learn all about Takeda in this video Genyo Takeda: Nintendo's Unknown Legend.

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Maybay1622d ago

Keep on innovating, just make your future platforms (Nintendo) "engine friendly" for third party developers.

gamesismylife091622d ago

I could care less how much of an legend he is. Nintendo stop making rubbish consoles like the Wiiu and releasing crap like Starfox that looks like a gamecube game.

Activemessiah1622d ago


I hope the irony is not lost on you...

gamesismylife091622d ago

I own all 3 next gen consoles and a 3,000 dollar PC. I'm a bigger gamer than anyone on this site.

CaptainN1622d ago

Gameplay over Graphics... any day of the week. A true gamer knows that !!

TyrantSoul1622d ago

Hmm lets see.I own every console from the Spectrum ZX up to current gen(admittedly my 2600 packed in last year).I also have a gaming rig too and a vast collection of games too.So I kinda trump you there sorry.

Nintendo have never made a rubbish console.They do exactly what they where built to do and not what you want them to do.And don't call me a fan boy because my previous paragraph kinda proves otherwise.

Starfox looks like it will be great fun.Graphics wise it not amazing but I would bet the gameplay will be smooth as butter as per usual when it comes to Nintendo.To me thats all that matters in the end.Graphic wow me for all of 10 minutes.