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"Spectra was a game that I really wanted to enjoy more than I did. I’m a fan of the simple arcade racers and the style and aesthetic of the game looked great. Unfortunately it didn’t deliver, with each procedurally generated track not only playing the same way but looking it too. The lack of leaderboards on a score-driven game is also very frustrating; there’s almost no extra incentive to keep playing after completion. Whilst there is an addictive nature to the gameplay it does start wearing thing by the time you’ve finished with the ten tracks available in the game.
The graphics of the game do have a pretty, nostalgic look to them but again a lack of diversity lets the game down.
The only really redeeming quality the game has is its amazing soundtrack, managing to shift the game from feeling very lacklustre to just an average game. It’s a shame though – I feel will a bit more creativity Spectra could have been a great game. You can get the game for a pretty low price point so if you want a quick fix of arcade racing then sure, give Spectra a try – even if it’s just for the soundtrack. Otherwise though I’d recommend sticking to the classics for your arcade racing fix."

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