Divinity: Original Sin II - Returning to Kickstarter

Following Divinity: Original Sin and the upcoming console and PC release Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, Larian Studios is returning to Kickstarter to make Divinity: Original Sin II, its “most ambitious RPG to date.”

The Kickstarter campaign for the sequel will launch on August 26. According to the studio, the game will have a playable prototype at PAX Prime at the end of August.

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ThunderPulse1625d ago

Yeah it is but I gotta play the 1st one on my PS4.

darren_poolies1625d ago

Surely they made enough money from the first game to fund it themselves? I mean they must have considering they're releasing it on consoles. Hmm.

zeal0us1625d ago

Well you got to pay your staff and monthly operating costs.

Pookandpie1625d ago

They're probably using a fair amount of that to create and publish the Enhanced Edition of Original Sin. Publishing on consoles is a lot more expensive than on Steam even with the latter taking a 20% cut from each sale (or something like that).

Either way, this seems fairly reasonable. Those who want it will back it, and those who don't will not.

Bolts1625d ago

Steam takes 30% if you're an indie dev that's a huge deal. The publisher will take a lot more than that.