Divinity: Original Sin 2 is in Development; First Artwork Leaked Online

SegmentNext - Larian Studios is currently working on Divinity: Original Sin 2; sequel to a popular role-playing game which released last year on PC and then on consoles.


Larian Studios has officially announced the game.

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ElementX1623d ago

I really enjoyed Original Sin, definitely one of the best RPGs I've ever played.

fermcr1623d ago

Yep, Divinity: Original Sin was great.

Aery1623d ago


I really,really loved this game.
I played it co-op and we it was absolutely fun.
Can't wait for this sequel!

Takwin1623d ago

It was a game that was 90% AMAZING and 10% super frustrating.

But it was so worth it. 94 hours for a nearly complete trek to the credits.

I *LOVED* the turn-based battles, which was just awesome. The crafting and some of the puzzles were really terrible.

Despite some rough edges, that game was still great and I eagerly await the sequel.

Two-Face1623d ago

Cool!! Although sad that the soundtrack composer from the first game is dead. The first one had awesome soundtrack

Ocsta1623d ago

Hopefully you can have a male character that doesn't resemble Hulk Hogans beefier cousin.