More games added to the PlayStation Store Summer Sale today

PS Blog:
We’re adding more games to the PlayStation Store Summer Sale today. Alongside some of the current offers that are running, there’ll be another strong wave of awesome games to look out for, including but not limited to: cinematic shooter The Order 1886, murder mystery visual novel Danganronpa 1 and 2, open world racer The Crew, and Assassin’s Creed Unity.

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1nsomniac1625d ago

To anyone who actually has Payday 2 on PS4, how does it compare to PC - Graphics/frame rate/content - wise?

I've got it on PC with most of the DLC but the idea of having the comfort & surround sound of my living room is tempting.

Kind of interested in 'The Order' too.

KilluaX31625d ago

30fps is not better than 60.

pivotplease1624d ago

It's an ugly game. I'm surprised everything doesn't run it at 60fps including the toaster that I don't own.

Maxor1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I bought the Witcher 3 for the PS4 because I thought the comfort of kicking back in a lazy chair is more important than 40-50 FPS of PC performance.

Then I discovered that 20 FPS is a pack of drowners on Death March a lot more uncomfortable.

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Dragonking0071625d ago

If only the frame rate were better I would probably say order looks better then most pc games out there.

ThanatosDMC1625d ago

Solid but lacking updates. There's glitches from time to time but Overkill hasnt updated the game to have the same amount of maps, guns, etc. compared to the PC version.

dantesparda1625d ago

Do you know if they ever patched in the anisotropic filtering?

ThanatosDMC1625d ago

I wish. Graphics is comparable to the PS3.

Christopher1625d ago

To be honest, I'd just wait on The Order. It will be either free or way below current sale prices this Holiday.

UKmilitia1625d ago

i loved The Order.
great game and i hope there is a sequel

dantesparda1625d ago

The Order is fine if you like linear games mixed in with a lot of cutscenes. Because the game is basically just an old school linear game. But the graphics are pretty f-ing good. I liked it and the characters.

1624d ago
dantesparda1624d ago

Im not trying to say that he has to like that type of game to like it, i was just trying to make it clear to him what type of game it is. Otherwise, i agree with what you are saying.

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WellyUK1625d ago

These sales/deals are laughable to be honest most of them are still cheaper as disks when on sale... When will they learn?

1nsomniac1625d ago

I agree. I just treat them as there actually being sold at the realistic RRP.

To call them sales only because you list the original price at a ridiculously increased RRP is just stupid. Trying to claim a game is £60 ($94) despite the fact they actually retail at £40 ($63). Then when you eventually offer them on sale for the regular price the retail value is then another 50% off again.

Like what I said about The Order above. I'm interested but realistically I'll just go buy it retail for about £15 unlike the £22 'sale' price

I don't like doing it but I can justify it with Online games because the replayability, with not having to constantly change discs it's a big bonus.

WellyUK1625d ago

I picked up The Order for about £20 from GAME a few months back, personally really enjoyed it for that price. I would say it's worth it if you like it.

My problem is i go on steam and see amazing deals every week and then i look at PSN and it's a joke in comparison, The Crew was £10 on steam the other week it's £25 or something on PSN...

IamTylerDurden11625d ago

Some of the deals are good.

Game of Thrones season pass at 8.99 is excellent, good luck finding that at retail.

The season pass deals are good.

Steins Gate is a good deal, Danganronpa 11.99, Freedom Cry PS4 4.99, The Evil Within 11.99, inFAMOUS 3.99, Battlefield 7.20, Hardline 19.99. Those aren't bad deals, Arkham collection 9.99.

Ur silly if u think those sales are no better than their normal msrp or RRP. So Game of Thrones Season Pass at normal price is 8.99? The evil Within sells at retail for 11.99 without a sale? Steins Gate and Danganronpa are much more at normal retail.

Ur exaggerating and being unreasonable.

1nsomniac1625d ago

Where are you getting your prices from? None of them are correct so it can't be the UK store.

IamTylerDurden11625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Payday 2 Crimewave Edition PS4 at 21.59 w/+ is good.

Gat out of Hell PS4 at 8.10 w/+

The Crew season pass 10.80 w/+

Tomb Raider PS4 at 10.80 w/+

Wolfenstein The New Order at 10.99

Battlefield 4 is 7.20

BF Hardline 19.99

Evil Within at 11.99

Game of Thrones season pass 8.99 w/+ <-- great deal

Danganronpa 11.99, AC3 Liberation 5.79, Steins Gate 17.99 w/+, F1 2014 7.99, inFAMOUS 3.99, Doom bfg 4.99, Freedom Cry PS4 4.99, Arkham Collection 9.99.

These are solid deals and this is CONSOLE not pc, please just stop w/steam (pc) comparisons. Valve monopolizes the pc market, pc games are always cheaper than console.

PS4monkey1624d ago

Hardline should cost max 10€

UKmilitia1625d ago

what i hate with digital; is the very first mention of it we was told

cheaper becausen o packaging etc etc,not we charged a premium for convenience its so annoying.
i hate digital and something has to be stupidly cheap for me to buy it digital.

Dragonking0071625d ago

Are these sales only for Europe???? I dont see any of those games on US psn store..

FunAndGun1625d ago

yeah, if you look under the "read full story" link it shows that it is the EU playstation blog.

DarXyde1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Persona 4 Golden is reason enough to take advantage of this sale.

Seriously, don't sleep on that game.
Had it for PS2 and bought it again when it came out on Vita. Worth it, highly recommend it.

Scatpants1625d ago

Danganronpa 1&2 are pretty great too.

DarXyde1625d ago


Haven't tried any of the games. I'll consider it, but now isn't the time.

Going back through Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid in preparation for The Phantom Pain.

I will take your suggestion seriously though.

SilPho1624d ago

I second everything DarXyde and Scatpants just said. Those are 3 absolutely fantastic games if you love great stories.

And on that note, I couldn't resist buying Steins;Gate at that price.

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