No Moving Orbs for Crackdown 3

Running around and collecting orbs is part of the draw of Crackdown, and they'll be returning for Crackdown 3. Thankfully, they won't move this time.

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christocolus1898d ago

I think i'm ok with this, cos some of the moving orbs in the previous games where too damn difficult to get.I had to give up the chase a few times. lol.

GigawattConduit1898d ago

Dude, that's EXACTLY what I did. Heck, I don't even think I did the driving orbs, they were so bloody irritating.

christocolus1898d ago

Lmao.I would hand over the controller to my younger brother whenever i had an orb to chase cos somehow he loved running after them. one time i remember waking up to find him still chasing after the

Gazondaily1898d ago


Lmao! That's brilliant.

UnHoly_One1898d ago

Then AC used the idea for some of their collectibles, and those were equally irritating. Some kind of pages in 3 that would float away, and then the shanties in 4.

Especially aggravating in that game because of how easy it is to get stuck on something you don't mean to climb.

But yeah, the Crackdown 2 ones were awful. And since you could max out your agility without getting every single orb they were certainly not worth the effort.

The driving ones were just as bad, if not worse.

Kurisu1898d ago

Never played Crackdown so I'm looking forward to giving this game a go and seeing what it's all about!

annoyedgamer1898d ago

I suggest you get your hands on a copy ~$2 used at a Gamestop and try it out. It is one of the most fun you will have in an open world game on consoles.

pelenow1898d ago

Yeah was not a fan of the moving orbs. Was one of those "sounded better on paper" things.

Paul851898d ago

Good bye orbs I will never miss you.

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