Final Fantasy VII - A Not So Retro Retrospective

RPGfan: Nearly twenty years after its initial release on PlayStation, I beat Final Fantasy VII for the first time.

I was given a copy by a colleague about 5 years ago, but hadn't had the time or motivation to actually play it until this year. I think most of you would agree with me if I said it was one of the greats, one of those "must-play" titles if you want to be a true RPG connoisseur. It's consistently voted as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, RPG of all time in amateur polls and professional features, and whether it's given special treatment through rose-tinted glasses or not, it's clear that FF VII has had a significant and lasting legacy.

Even in 2015, I can see why this is the case; VII has a remarkable cast of likeable characters and tells an exciting story filled with evil villains and troubled heroes. Not to mention the excellent gameplay, of course. Still, what is it about Final Fantasy VII that makes it so memorable, so loved in the community? Plenty of other games have equally stellar casts, the combat was improved by the releases of IX and X, and obviously game graphics have improved by nearly unimaginable amounts, yet Final Fantasy VII remains a fan favourite. Why?

I think it's simple: charm.

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pivotplease1165d ago

Great game. Not the best RPG but certainly top 20 material. There's a huge list of competitors when you sit down and think about it. A few do stories that are just mind blowing.

TricksterArrow1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

This is the best game for me. I know, I know, nostalgia, rose tinted glasses, whatever... Nevertheless, I'm still waiting for a hero as sarcastic as Cloud (I love his tirades with Barret); a heroine as selfless as Aerith; a girl (also a heroine!) as tough and sensitive as Tifa; a cat as annoyingly awesome as Cait Sith (yes, he grew on me); a lion-thingy as smart and polite as Red XIII; a angry pilot as charismatic as Cid; a loner as observant as Vincent; a ninja-girl as proud and sincere as Yuffie and a terrorist as kind hearted, noble and fatherly as Barret.

Best cast ever.


I love you guys. Thanks for the amazing memories.