How WipEout captured the mood of a generation


"The year of our Gaming Lord is 1995. And here you are, frothing at the mouth, dancing yourself into hyper-limbed oblivion to Bobby Brown’s 2 Can Play That Game in some sweat pit of a nightclub at 3:34am. Blurry-eyed, you look past the hive of raving turquoise shell suits to see a crummy CRT telly on the wall, beaming the first dose of PS1 directly into your eyeballs. The future of the racer… no, the future of gaming is upon you. Welcome to WipEout, perspiring ‘90s clubber. You’ve just been introduced to PlayStation."

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thisismytag1163d ago

Wipeout never really got the praise it deserved. It's a fantastic game albeit very difficult. I feel bad Sony wasn't able to keep the studio alive.

ISHU1163d ago

A true classic. Loved every minute of it.

mayberry1163d ago

Some feel Wipeout was one of the first true adult themed games for consoles because of it having the first soundtrack made intirely of music from actual artists that you could buy on your own. And its difficulty. Sony showed early that they were willing to take risks and look at different kinds of IP's for the PS1. Wipeout is a true classic.