Xbox: When Two Become One

PYB: Will Microsoft be able to bring more success to the Xbox One when it "merges" with the Xbox 360 this November?

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joyride911163d ago

There is definitely potential there considering how they're marketing GOW Ultimate Edition.

Halo2ODST21163d ago

The Xbox 360 is my favorite console, so this means a lot for me, I can play a lot of my fav games from that gen, I have had an xbox 1 since Destiny launched, I was super Hyped up, shame how that played out, But i very close to not getting an x1 due to the lack of games at launch - 360 Halo 3, Gears of Wars, etc - X1 .. er did it even have any worthy launch titles?, and that i would end up playing my 360 more than the expensive new console I got, if this news came out when the X1 first launched, I would of certainly bought it then, so would a lot of others. so this is good, the lack of games was an issue for the x1, but having the 360 games available as a substitute will make the xbox 1 a better purchase.

TheGreatGamer1163d ago

I can't speak on behalf of the millions of Xbox gamers but personally, I have a lot of friends and colleagues who haven't upgraded to Xbox One yet and when I ask why I normally get the answer 'I have so many Xbox 360 games' or something along those lines. Those that say BC won't move consoles are foolish

Mutant-Spud1163d ago

That and the fact that there hasn't been a next gen console game released so far that has motivated me to upgrade, that attitude may change with Fallout 4 on the horizon and to be honest I didn't upgrade from original Xbox to 360 until late 2007.

Rookie_Monster1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Ms literally become the system with the most AAA games that you can play locally when BC activated this Fall.

I MEAN MS could have just provide a vanilla BC mode like previous BC were implementated and call it a day and it still would be great but they went up and beyond with allowing things like playing against other X360 consoles online, carried all DLCs and achievements over, booting up the same X360 interface and allowing XB1 features like Snap and Streaming to also be used on x360 titles are really unprecedented and indeed the best and most useful features of this gen so far.

dcbronco1163d ago

I actually think they should continue to support the Xbox 360, but stop selling it after 2016. There are a ton of dev kits out there and it would be great as a kind of starter development platform for new companies. They could make less complicated games that would run on Xbox One also. It would be like Xbox Ones answer to mobile games.

joyride911163d ago

those who don't want to upgrade to Xbox One, and there will be quite a few of those, at least MS should support the x360 for another year or so. once enough titles are backwards compatible, then these guys can move up to xbox one.

dcbronco1163d ago

If someone is willing to spend $300 on a 360 they might as well get Xbox One. But I'm looking at it from a developer standpoint. It should be supported for years.