Metal Gear Solid V - Gamescom 2015 Trailer Analysis

Youtube user Yong Yea analyses the latest "Phantom Pain" trailer!

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Omar911167d ago

I recommend watching his analysis if you haven't already. They are all well detailed actually make the most sense. His E3 2015 trailer analysis was amazing.

AlphaKennyOne1167d ago

I actually thought this was just some fan trying to spread his content but it's actually a good video. I'm going to watch his E3 2015 trailer analysis.

Jerry Seinfeld1167d ago

Been subscribed to his channel for years now. Quality stuff!

ArchangelMike1166d ago

That was really excellent. I can;t wait for MGSV, I want to know what happens so much!

Batzi1167d ago

Looks like most of the things we have seen in the trailers and from the story in general are from Afghanistan mainly. Makes me think that Kojima is hiding something. A lot of people mentioned that after playing 30 missions, they didn't know what was going on in the story and that they felt like there was a twist coming.

Jerry Seinfeld1167d ago

There's definitely gonna be some brain soaked floors come September. Can't wait!

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1167d ago

Yong is the man. It's crazy that I subscribed to him back in 2012 when the first Phantom Pain trailer dropped at the VGAs and he was hardly known and now he has a lot of subscribers and well respected among Youtubers. He has had a ton of interviews on his channel with cast members of the MGS series which in my opinion is a really big deal. If you are an MGS fan you should subscribe to him and look through his videos. I think you will like what you find.

Hk85karlsson1167d ago

I love Yong, but it's not just him (the interviews), cuz there's also Daley (FraggedNation) and Ronin (KorruptRonin/Korrupt Assassins).

Subscribe to Yong and you will never regret it. He must have at least 100 quality videos about MGS. If not the best in the world, it's got to be close.