Why Mad Max's world isn't as bleak, brown and barren as you think

Many people have been wondering just how varied the world of Mad Max will be. Avalanche Studios has given a few different glances at how the game will play, but the question loads of people still have in their minds is: will the world of Mad Max be more than just a bleak, brown and barren world?

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crazychris41241260d ago

Nice to see there are diverse locations, would be boring if every location looked the same. This game and MGS 5 are coming out on the same day and they both look amazing, still dont know which one to get first.

Turkeyman071260d ago

I made the decision to get both day one. Although, it raises another problem... Which to actually play first.

bradfh1260d ago

get Mad Max first, MGS5 can wait

TeamLeaptrade1260d ago

I imagine Mad Max would be a quicker game to beat, while MGSV will probably be a longer game. When I get them I think I'll play both for a couple hours and see which one to continue on with and then move to the next.

Minute Man 7211260d ago

Mad Max for me, I'll pick up MGS some other time.

Savsky1260d ago

Gotta get MGS 5 first. It will be a game of the year contender. I'll also be getting Mad Max, but I highly doubt it will be good enough to be GOTY.

1260d ago
thorstein1260d ago

I'm excited for this game, but why doesn't the slideshow show the diversity of the environments.

jmc88881260d ago

No, the burning question is, how does the PC version run since we haven't seen any actual PC footage.

The PS4 version looks fine, but that doesn't mean the PC version is fine.

Avalanche is probably doing a great job on the PC version, but ultimately WB might push it out the door too early.

That's why we really need to see some PC footage and have people reporting on hands on time with the PC version.

That's the burning question. The weather and landscape looks fine, it's got a great visual appeal from the PS4 footage.

Psychotica1260d ago

Well Steam has refunds now...

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