Scalebound: Dragon Armor, Giant Swords, and Flip-Kicking Dragons

IGN first presents an in depth look into Scalebound's Dragon Armor, Giant Swords, and Flip-Kicking Dragons.

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christocolus1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

The co-op gameplay and dragon armor looks stunning. I'm so hyped for this's even more ambitious than i thought.

OpieWinston1256d ago

When PG kept saying to look at the CG trailer I couldn't believe the possibility of a Co-op Open World game riding on a dragon. Especially since they've never done an RPG.

If Scalebound doesn't get the hype it deserves I'm going to be very disappointed. This game needs to be a franchise. I want the world of Draconis to grow into a place where Drew and Thubans adventure is never ending.

d_g1256d ago

yeah the co-op looks amazing and liked how you can Customize your character and dragon

AngelicIceDiamond1256d ago

@Chris And this is why this my most anticipated game of next year. Hideki didn't wanna make a standard action game that you blow through in 6 to 8 hrs. I'm glad its an Action JRPG with lvling, crafting, customizing etc.

Co Op just makes everything sweeter. I want this game NOWWW.

d_g1256d ago

@christocolus wow i never thought that platinum games would Reaches to this level of details and lighting

breakpad1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

yes this game looks promising and good...very japanese flavored and very appealing imo

Kingdomcome2471256d ago

Nice! You can see that there will even be weight restrictions in the top right. Hopefully Thuban will have saddlebags. :P

Septic1256d ago

I got a bit of a Zelda vibe from the UI...maybe its just me :P

Kingdomcome2471256d ago

If look at the top of the menu it looks as though there's a crafting tab as well. I can't wait. I love fantasy settings. I bet that there will be some gorgeous vistas.

4Sh0w1256d ago

Scalebound is hot, the attention to detail in the dragons and the beautiful world looks amazing.

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Sonyslave31256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Still waiting on Kotaku Scale Bound look rubbish article in 5mins.

Platinum Games had made a action rpg game before it name is Okami I don't why people keep saying this their 1st time making a Rpg game.

cfc781256d ago

Kotaku hasn't the balls to try and downplay Scalebound even they know this games going to be epic.

classic191256d ago

Damn guy give it a rest, some ppl dont like how quantum brake is coming along is that guy opinion, i like it you like it nd lots of other ppl do too, so its not all rubbish is it?, why do ppl hold on to words that none the wiser. I dont even have a xbox in i like these game quantum brake nd scalbound will make me buy a xbox i need to ply these games.

MeliMel1256d ago

Its not that dude. They praise the games and all of a sudden their doing 180s on what they say. You either write a article about how you like it or dont. Dont write one and then change it to the other after.

OpieWinston1256d ago

I'm going to put so much time into customizing Thubans armor/appearance. Ive got the rough image in my head and it's going to be sick.

KionicWarlord2221256d ago

These battles just look so believable. DAT DRAGON ARMOR!

Jesus...this game is gonna be fantastic.

mafia_pc1256d ago

My most anticipated game so far, i love dragons so much !

Rookie_Monster1256d ago

Mines too for 2016. Truly looks EPIC!

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