Scalebound Deserves A Second Chance

PlatinumGames wants to bring Scalebound back, and Microsoft should listen.

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Sciurus_vulgaris352d ago

“Excitement” and “interest” in Scalebound seemed to only occur after it was canceled… However, IO interactive is rumoured to be developing a game involving Dragons for Xbox Studios. So maybe IO Interactive’s title could be branded as Scalebound.

Bathyj351d ago

I agree. The game looked terrible. People only got upset because it's cancellation was a dig at Microsoft but I was with them on this one. Better to cancel a game then release a bad one. Then again someone might have liked it. I don't speak for everyone.

Kados351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Personally was looking forward to it prior to cancellation. It looked a little rough/janky, but it was still very early in development, so i figured it would improve before launch.

Orpheo351d ago

I think the cancellation was a smart move. The main character looks cool, like Nero from "Devil May Cry 4," but the gameplay looked so boring I was yawning.

351d ago
phoenixwing351d ago

I like platinum as a dev but let's be honest they were doing their low tier work on the game which they're notorious for. They'll either do S tier perfection work or they'll do whatever to just get by for the contract they have. Maybe that's changed but they were doing low tier for microsoft and microsoft called them out on it and cancelled the project. I don't blame microsoft one bit for doing that. It was basically a whatever project for platinum while they worked on the other game at the time, i forget which one it was but it was just miles better.

MadLad351d ago

Microsoft already owns the IP, has the design docs, and has a playable build. Hand the project off to an internal team or another 3rd party.
Why give a second chance to a team that phoned in development and filtered their funds into other projects?

I like Platinum, but their management can be really shady.

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