Does Resident Evil Need a Reboot?

Josh, Matt, Allan and Adnan from ToasterChimp discuss whether or not the Resident Evil franchise is in serious need of a reboot.

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cfc781167d ago

Only if it's to go back to survival horror or it's pointless.

Do the right thing Capcom give us Resident Evil back.

FullmetalRoyale1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

The horror of them reimagining RE as an action game just crossed my mind...

*I mean the original RE of course.

Unreal011167d ago

Unfortunately the crappy recent action games that they now release tend to sell more than the proper Resident Evils. Such a sad world we live in.

joshmille991167d ago

I font care if its a reboot, as long as the game is good n scary.

Legitimately scary, not "the tank controls make it scary" scary.

gangsta_red1167d ago

Gawd yes. The story has become a convoluted mess.

ZaWarudo1167d ago

Not really. We just need more survival horror RE games.

HRoach6161167d ago

Yeah I think the majority of fans will say it does. It hasn't been survival horror since 4 came out. Even that was just skirting the lines. But it was good.

The story now is so convoluted. And the gameplay is just generic third person shooter. Where are the puzzles, riddles and genuine tension??

I've played these games since 2 first came out. I miss true Resident Evil games. Bring back the mansion, raccoon city and a simpler storyline that somewhat makes sence.

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The story is too old to be commented.