Doom's Nightmare mode "changes dynamic" of how you play

GR-UK writes: " id's executive producer Marty Stratton says that while the team's still working out the balancing, Nightmare mode makes the game incredibly tense.

"It's a combination of things in Nightmare mode that makes it though," he explained when we caught up with him at QuakeCon. "We're still working on the details of exactly what's the final touch of that. I don't wanna go into too much details but yes, it's an effectiveness how much damage the guys can take and deal and another things, but it's hard."

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Shazz1255d ago

this game looks nuts, kill animations are sick... in a great way haha

Timesplitter141255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

personally, the kill animations are one thing I'm not really liking about this game.

They feel so.... "scripted". Not the kind of thing that should be in a Doom game

Hoffmann1255d ago

Yeah, I hope it might be possible to turn them off. After seeing the same animation the 5th or 50th time it will be veery boring.

Omnisonne1255d ago

What could be more of an issue is those animations triggering whilst fighting a large mob. I have no doubt you'll be invincible in the short duration of the animation, but it could break your killing flow a little.

I might be overthinking this though.. would be nice to have a standard rifle butt/swoop to knock enemies down while retaining your momentum.

Just a little detail, nonetheless I'm super pumped for this

1255d ago
Kyosuke_Sanada1255d ago

I liked what I saw of the demo even though I wish the enemies were a bit more aggressive. That being said, if the enemy A.I improves as well then I am all for it....