Naughty Dog & Bioware Devs React to Crackdown 3, Destruction Outpaces What Giant Dev PCs Can Compute

Reagent's Crackdown 3 has been making waves with Microsoft hyping up the potential of destruction in-game using the power of cloud computing.

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KionicWarlord2221166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

I...i had to do a double take to see if what i read was correct.

"Crackdown 3 spectacularly showing how Microsoft should have pitched the 'always on' functionality so people could see the benefits."

Naughty Dog supporting Microsoft`s always online vision.

Talk about a turn of events....

Also for people acting like this can be done on ps4 or a high end pc

gameseveryday1166d ago

Microsoft's vision about a "connected" gaming environment wasn't wrong. However the way they showcased it was ridiculous. Just slamming it on the face of the consumer was not going to work. They gave no justification besides "Buy and Xbox 360 if you want to be offline."

I think if they had showcased Crackdown 3 at E3 2013...things may have been much different now.

TFJWM1166d ago

Crackdown still wouldn't have answered why the system would have to check in every 24 hours or would have to be online to play straight single player games

Dewitt1166d ago

Mattrick was an idiot and they had a terrible mission statement and bring that forward. They should have designed their console like steam where you can stay offline, but once you buy a game it is registered to your account and they can verify it when you go online.

uRaDecepticon1166d ago

I'm obviously an XB1 supporter,and no; no way would I have bought one if 24 hour check-in stayed.

ThePope1166d ago

The 24 hour check in was ONLY because you could install the entire game to the console and not use the disk. The check in was put in place so that a person couldn't just give the disk to a friend to play it too.

I loved the always online pitch because the idea of installing a game and putting the disk away appealed to me greatly. The issue is if you missed a check in the console wouldn't work. That's a very tough pill to swallow.

xHeavYx1166d ago

Funny. Just one person from ND talking about always online and all of the sudden I read comments like "ND supports always online".

Kingthrash3601166d ago

Lol how short the memory of some...If they would have showcased crackdown when they pitched the always online at us It still would have been the same results. ..because
24hr check in
No trading games
No used games
No borrowed games
Internet is a must to play sp games
...things that make the xbox one a brick if you don't have internet. Do you realize how many don't have the internet? Do you realize how unreliable Internet connection is? Smh I gotta ask my cousins if they have Internet so we can play xbox...Instead of just saying hey, i'mma bring my xbox.
Lol the amount of control ms tried to implement putting rules on games you bought with your own money would have fully tanked the xbox one. I don't think it would have hit wiiu numbers yet...or ever.
Remember games top was pulling the xbox off their shelves...i remember that. So no crackdown wouldn't have changed anything. Period. Crackdown still hasn't sold me. The destruction looks fun but if that's the selling point of crackdown down then I'm not gunna want it. I want it if it's sp is interesting... and fun..If it's mp is fun..for all we know the mp could be as bland as tomb raiders was so that's a game we need to wait and see about.

4Sh0w1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Well there you have it...I have past post to prove I said this in the initial launch that always online would benefit our games, Ive said many times since that I wish Micro didnt listen to the backlash and change course.

I like how Naughty Dog comes straight out supporting this thinking after Crackdown demo.

Also for every gripe they had a sound explanation but people kept fear mongering the 24 hr check like it was a police lineup it was a damm few seconds to authenticate once per 24hrs, you could tether to a cell signal to do it and kinect is going to spy on you for the FBI or OMG DRM will be the end of gaming blah blah blah.

Next time Xbox fans need to research for themselves and speak out.

Godmars2901166d ago

Offering it through a supposed "independent" system which required additional subscription fees, dictated when and where you could play it as well as how you bought, sold and lent media on it was very wrong.

Hell, and if they had showcased Crackdown in 2013, many people would be sitting on their XB0s into 2016 waiting for the one game to prove a concept, while saying "PS4 got no games" and not feeling the least hypocritical.

donthate1166d ago


"No trading games
No used games
No borrowed games"

You could lend away, trade-away or give-away your digital games.

Now that we stifled that, what are you able to do with your digital games now after the majority of gamers has shifted to digital games only?

"Do you realize how many don't have the internet?"

Less than 7% of the US population do not have access to 4 Mbps internet. Check-in could happen on a dial up modem, and yes it is a hassle, but I don't think there are too many of gamers actually in that situation.


I hope Naughty Dog is supportive of this, not only because they are a great studio (hopefully after some key members left), but I don't want others to fall behind the curve. This is awesome technology that I hope PS4 owners can also enjoy eventually.


I'm with you all the way on always on with all digital games. It is a tough pill to swallow, but the alternative is literally reduced rights across the board on any digital games with higher prices as it is with the status quo.

Revolver_X_1166d ago

LOL @4show.

"I like how Naughty Dog comes straight out supporting this thinking after Crackdown demo."

Just one animator bro, one animator.

"Also for every gripe they had a sound explanation"

Really? I must have missed the sound explanation for locking out used games.

Sevir1166d ago

Not really! Because the power of the cloud was just talk and ambiguity at that time, always online was and 24 hour verification and DRM was information that leaked out of E3... They talked about cloud power to handle F5's Drivatars and Titan Fall's Multiplayer, but also talked about restricting gamers from playing second hand games... That was the whole reason why they changed before launch. Even if they showed crackdown 3 at E3 that year the message of restricting players from playing their friends game or used games and 24 hour online verification was the problem... The draconic non friendly customer experience and DRM policy was what cursed them and over shadowed everything, that and $500.

Crackdown 3 showed the theoretical application of cloud compute it didn't validate their proposed DRM anti consumer policy they they wanted to enact for XB users and fans

Kingthrash3601166d ago


Really. really?
First... digital games. Digital games were to be traded with a friend once...and in fact all xb1 games were to be digital in a way because you had to install the physical game..After installing the discussion became usless..or a demo or something. You couldn't resell it..gamestop knew this that's way they were pushing ps4 and pulling xb1. Also how's your fake solution solve anything? It takes a very long time to download games on I bring a game to a friends house just to sit and download a game for 3hrs? Instead of just popping a game in the system and playing? Smh you are a true xbox
And the "Less than 7% of the US population do not have access to 4 Mbps internet. " has a few errors...
1. 7 percent is a ton of people..
2. having access don't mean everyone who has access to the internet has the internet.
3. Many people who have the internet don't have unlimited Internet so the whole process would be costly for them
4. The US isn't the center of the world..meaning xbox sells around the world and just putting up us percentages is irrelevant to the big picture here.
5. What would have happend on Christmas when both psn and xbl had major outages? I could still play my ps4 but my xbox would be a brick.

I can keep what if i move? No xbox until I get my Internet transferred? Or what if I lose my job? Can't pay for Internet so I turn it off but when I do so I'm also bricking my 350-500$ xbox...etc. etc.

Death1166d ago

"24hr check in
No trading games
No used games
No borrowed games
Internet is a must to play sp games"

You did need to connect once every 24 hours briefly to verify your game library. This was the trade off for ripping your games to the HDD and no longer needing disc based DRM to verify ownership.

You could trade games, but it had to be done at an authorized retailer that could unlock your game from your library to transfer ownership.

Those unlocked games were sold used.

You could absolutely borrow games. In fact you didn't even need to meet up with your friends to lend them out. You could allow friends to access and download any title in your library that you were not using. This goes back to the 24 hour check in and was one of the benefits of it.

You did not need to be online to play single player games on Xbox One, but you still needed to check in once every 24 hours to verify ownership. This could be accomplished over your cell if needed.


Without an internet connection most of the games this gen would be coasters. I c ertainly miss being able to play straight from the disc or cart, but that doesn't change how gaming has evolved. Microsoft isn't alone on the connected front. PSNow, PSVue, and PSPlus are all connected services that aren't accessible without a constant connection. The vast majority of early adopters are technically savvy and stay connected. The amount of people that don't have access to the internet in some way is extremely small and chances are they aren't Xbox supporters anyway. Microsoft's original vision was not a world vision, but the majority of the world doesn't care anyway. Just look at worldwide sales today. The original plans were scrapped for a more friendly system. Who is buying Xbox consoles? Turns out it's still North America and the UK.

Ezz20131166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

*** I like how Naughty Dog comes straight out supporting this thinking after Crackdown demo. ***

Oh, for the love of god!!!
That's not ND...Just one person from ND.

and i don't agree one bit with what he said.

AngelicIceDiamond1166d ago

@Rashid I agree.

"Now that you think about Microsoft should showcased such a demo when they revealed the Xbox One back in 2013. Unfortunately, it’s little too late for that."

That would of been worse imo. MS showing off something that wasn't ready until 2015 with a 2016 launch. Fabricating a CG demo in 2013 of what they want to happen in CC3 would only get MS more negative heat.

"I think if they had showcased Crackdown 3 at E3 2013...things may have been much different now."

Only part of your statement I disagree with.

Point is no matter what they could of, would of, should of done they still would of received negative backlash period.

BeefCurtains1166d ago

I think we can all agree DRM was developed for a purpose with great advantages, but also had some ridiculous strings attached.

Hopefully, We can find a happy medium, because the cloud can clearly open up some amazing revolutionary gaming experiences. And Crackdown is just the very first pioneer of it, there will be so many more innovations once developers begin to grasp what it can do. (I purposely excluded Titanfall, because I, well, because...).

Christopher1166d ago

Here's something to think about.

When this comes out and it's a glorious success, will MS be able to then sell to the market a console with a heavy focus on "always on" concept that it got flack for this generation?

If MS can prove the benefits of always online connection to enough of the market base, I think they will have plenty of ammo to go into next gen with the concepts they had attempted this generation.

amazinglover1166d ago

The way they phrased everything was wrong but if people stopped and actually looked at what MS was doing it was very similar to what steam was already doing. If they hadn't fumbled their message we might of had a very steam like environment.

Jayszen1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

"Microsoft's vision about a "connected" gaming environment wasn't wrong" - what rubbish! Regardless of whether the cloud could benefit a game like Crackdown 3, the reason why Microsoft's original vision for the console was wholly rejected by the world was because of all the anti-consumer policies that were to be implemented: Severe restrictions on trading or borrowing games and used games as a whole, the 'check-in once in 24 hrs or the console will not work' and always online regardless of whether the game was single player or not. In addition, issues such as Don Mattrick and his 'those who do not have proper or acceptable internet connections always have the Xbox 360 to play on' or the emphasis on TV were also contrary to what gamers really wanted from Microsoft.

All this "100% destruction" in the multiplayer aspect of Crackdown 3 facilitated by the cloud does not necessarily mean entertaining and fun gameplay. Even if gameplay is fun those who do not have a suitable internet connection will be effectively penalized for no fault of theirs just because the more destructive aspects of the game are only possible with the cloud.

Yes, the power of the cloud is a useful tool in game making and playing provided it is accessible by all players and not just some of them.

abstractel1166d ago

The destruction is nice and impressive for sure, but otherwise I personally think the game looks ... not that good. Get that destruction level into Quantum Break (which there might be, I don't know) and I'll get excited.

jb2271166d ago

"Microsoft's vision about a "connected" gaming environment wasn't wrong."

Millions of gamers around the world would have disagreed w/ you last holiday when XBL & PSN were attacked as they all would've had shiny bricks for christmas w/ literally no way of playing any games on them. People keep talking about forcing us forward into the future but they never take into account the huge caveats that are as anti consumer as possible.

4Sh0w1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

"Just one animator bro, one animator."

-Yeah I know, I should have said a ND dev but its no different than referring to 1 sony or microsoft exec as sony or ms, or 1 dev as 343 or Naughty Dog...I just assumed folks understood that.

"Really? I must have missed the sound explanation for locking out used games.

Here here you go, as you can see in the timeline they changed course several times trying to keep the need for online(the benefits require it) but due to some fear of losing used games even though it was there albeit in a limited form than traditional, in the end though they axed it.

-I'm not saying it was perfect for everybody, but neither is the status quo as I am always online for like the past 5-6yrs and I keep or give my games in the past to my nephews, but the point is the benefits would have been great for most of us who have online access, admittedly the initial announcement was piss poor, but as things were being clarified in the weeks that followed it was evident that there was a tradeoff between pros and cons of always online, some just only focused on the negative with a totally closed minded skewed view. The attitude seems to be "well its always been this way so don't change anything", that's fine but some of us would welcome change for convenience and new gaming experience(in SP not just MP) vs saving a few dollars, ironically sharing digital games has the potential to save many people much more than used game sells, I know it has for me.

GameNameFame1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )


The twitter question was can PC be so powerful enough that you dont need cloud...

Not whether PS4 or PC can use cloud.

Answer to that is yes and it already uses "cloud". They both have been for decades.

It is called dedicated server.

and here is Everquest Next that has world wide destruction.


For people who tried to desperately defend somehow cloud is different from video above.

- bu bu but, that has destruction that disappears later.

Not true. It keep big chucks, but removes smaller ones. but game world last years... Crackdown 3 game last 10 min... Imagine having junk and debris for years.

-bu bu bu, its a house. Crackdown had skyscrapers.

Lol. and game got houses. mountains. you can make tunnels to boss. Bulldoze a mountain and so much more.


-bu bu bu, "cloudgine is only possible with Azure"

Uh. No its not. Cloudgine is a name of third party software and what it is a server compute.

Has been around for decade. It also has been used for physics.

There is nothing secret saucy about this. Anyone with dedicated servers can do this.

freshslicepizza1166d ago

this is the kind of attention microsoft needs to capitalize on. even sony loyal fans are very very curious. this is a huge breakthrough for them after all this talk about the cloud.

microsoft failed in explaining the future of what the xbox one could accomplish by going in the direction they wanted to before the xbox one came out. what they should have done is still allow the system to play games offline without having to be connected every 24 hours. it was way too dramatic of a change going to what is kind of like steam where games are bought digitally as well and they didn't explain too well how retailers would handle used games.

even today a lot of people do not want games to be online only like the new need for speed. what they want is games like crackdown 3 that can do amazing things online but not be totally worthless if you can't connect.

carcarias1166d ago

I don't understand why some people feel that MS backing down on 'always online' now means single player games can't make use of the cloud and that consumers are missing out on MS's 'vision' and it's their own fault.

You can have a single player online only game without the console itself needing to be online or checking in as MS wanted.

Look at Diablo 3, largely a single player game and always online.

Just make sure the buyer knows beforehand and if he doesn't like it he can play something else on his unrestricted Xbone, everyone's happy.

Making the console itself always online isn't necessary, just the game.

kraenk121165d ago

so what do you say abt the fact that still a majority of gamers don't have a functioning and reliable internet connection so the whole feature is limited to those who have?

freshslicepizza1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

"I don't understand why some people feel that MS backing down on 'always online' now means single player games can't make use of the cloud and that consumers are missing out on MS's 'vision' and it's their own fault.
You can have a single player online only game without the console itself needing to be online or checking in as MS wanted.
Look at Diablo 3, largely a single player game and always online."

consumers don't want all of their games to have to be online only because if the connection goes down then what?

"Just make sure the buyer knows beforehand and if he doesn't like it he can play something else on his unrestricted Xbone, everyone's happy."

umm, no. not everyone is happy judging by the reaction when they announced it.

"Making the console itself always online isn't necessary, just the game."

which is where we are now. games like destiny require an online connection

"so what do you say abt the fact that still a majority of gamers don't have a functioning and reliable internet connection so the whole feature is limited to those who have?"

the majority of people don't game. there are over 6 billion people, how many own a next gen console? the fact is netflix thrives and it requires a connection. steam is thriving and most if not all of its users are connected. you are online right now making this comment. destiny is one of the most popular games this generation so don't tell us who the majority is.

jrshankill1165d ago

Really, I would like to meet the cavemen who don't have their xbox / ps4 always online.

IamTylerDurden11165d ago

Why is it halfway always online? Just the multiplayer is always online and just the multiplayer has "cloud" destruction.

Ppl are praising always online atm but It's halfway done.

Tbh i truly believe Naughty Dog or any other major developer could make a game like Crackdown 3 especially on the PS4 - a game with simplistic visuals that aren't taxing on the systems resources, non-realistic physics and simple animations, non-dynamic lighting, and large-scale destruction only for multiplayer.

I do not think it would be impossible to make this game on pc or PS4 without the cloud. It could absolutely be done imo just as titanfall could be made without the cloud on PC/PS4, titanfall 2 is coming to PS4.

This is my opinion but to me Crackdown 3 looks like a newer Red Faction Guerrilla, technically speaking i'm more impressed with Second Son, The Order 1886, Horizon, and Uncharted 4. The mp could be very fun though, i remember having a blast w/the destruction in Red Faction Guerrilla. The other 2 Crackdowns were fun little titles as well.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

@TFJWM, maybe Crackdown by itself doesn't justify always online and DRM checks for concurrent use, though CrossTech and stream anywhere does explain why that is necessary... the ideas of those that reject "Ms" are always fLAMER.

Edit: I suppose I should explain about why I think it is needed for "stream anywhere"... because services such as PS Now are for casuals and game rental (and it doesn't require check-in because it uses much worse tech that forces it is ALWAYS_ONLINE 100% DRM GAME RENTAL!), and I think the future is streaming the games we OWN from Windows or consoles to other PCs or consoles. That, and other CrossTech, requires always online to verify concurrent use of licenses.

Those with fLAMER ideas, such as those who love "BS D"esign daemonic OS products, are BACKWARDS about what's bad.

Tiqila1165d ago

This tech is impressive and I can understand that I have to be online to play such a game.

However, that does not justify to be forced to login every 24hrs and pay for xbox live to play single player games and whatever other DRM bs MS tried to mandate on us gamers in the beginning.

Azzanation1165d ago

@Rashid Sayed

That's why people should be smarter and think before they act. All marketing does is advertise and make it sound better then it is.

Its like buying a car at a car yard, and buying the exact same car with a hot lady laying on the bonnet, same car different view on it.

Never hate on something until you actually see it. I was disappointed when MS had to announce the 180 because of a bunch of cry babies using the excuse about gamers on Submarines not able to connect on the internet etc.

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SonofGod1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

LOL. And don't forget the people who downplay the game by saying "what happens if you lose your connection while playing Crackdown?"

You might as well ask "what happens if you lose connection while playing Destiny?" Or "what happens if you lose connection while playing any online-based game?"

The same thing that happens with any online games duh.

KionicWarlord2221166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

After these naughty dog comments im sure the spin will get even crazier.

The fear of massive change Microsoft is bringing has them on the ropes.

No gamer being PC,XBOX,or NINTENDO should be trying to downplay crackdown 3.

We all should be praising it and amazed for the future.

Unreal011166d ago


Look, I agreed with your comment at the top there, but this one is a little bit too over the top. Can we just wait and see if it's the real deal before going on about how amazing it is. Do you not stop and wonder, why is this being utilised for quite an unpopular game like Crackdown, surely Micorsoft would be using this in every Halo, Forza and Gears going. What about third party games, which make up 90% of games out there? How can they utilise this technology in them? Look the Crackdown videos were awesome, but being realistic I don't think much will change in the meantime, but it could have potential in the future at some point.

Kingthrash3601166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Praise what though? Destruction? In mp? I've been leveling houses in battlefield 4 for a couple years now while playing with 64 people on a massive almost open world yeah praise what? The fully destructiveness of crackdown mp? Man The blindness of some of you guys is crazy. This is a unproven tech...period. it's something you wait to see not something you praise.
Remember alien's cm? We praised it.
Remember watchdogs?
Remember ryse?
Remember titanfall?
These are games we praised..and got let down.
So yeah lets wait and see.
you can destroy all buildings in crackdown...but is it fun? That's the real question. IS IT FUN? Is it stable? Will it be glitchy? ...smh
You don't know yet. So wait and see.

UnHoly_One1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

I wouldn't call Crackdown an "unpopular" game, just because it isn't a juggernaut like Halo or Gears.

The second game, which didn't have a Halo beta to pad it's sales, and was almost universally agreed to be not as good as the first game, still sold a million copies.

Saying "they should use it in Halo" sounds great until you really think about what that means.

For one, the potentially smaller number of users buying Crackdown could almost be viewed as a beta test for this technology. Think about it. They need to make sure they can run this with a few thousand concurrent games before they think about running on something as big as Halo.

The other thing is that if they did this in Halo, would it still be Halo? I don't doubt that they could make it fun, but the biggest part of any multiplayer shooter is the map design. If that map is leveled to the ground halfway through the match, would that still be a fun Halo match?

I'm not saying they couldn't do something with it in some modes, but the dedicated Halo fans probably don't want this in their multiplayer.

UnHoly_One1166d ago

Kingthrash, give it a rest.

Battlefield destruction is not the same thing at all.

And I honestly don't remember anyone praising Ryse before launch, and very few people praising Titanfall.

Both good games, honestly, but they both got a ton of hate. Plus I'm not sure how any of those games relate to this at all.

Yes this technology is unproven and isn't out in the wild yet, but to just dismiss it as garbage seems just as short sighted as to assume it is going to be the most amazing thing ever. How about we wait and see for ourselves?

The thing is, it looks really cool. IF it works like they say it works, it will be spectacular.

Neither you are I can know how it will work at this point, but you are operating on the assumption that it is all a lie, just because you don't WANT it to be true, for whatever reason.

Godmars2901166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Any many of those people are just as happy with the always online requirement with those games.

Which is not at all.

Yeah, there's a difference between being excited for a game that's coming out, and praising it as something that will change the industry when its unproven.

christocolus1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )


Well the tech is the best i've seen this gen and MS has finally proven the doubters and naysayers wrong.I hope they use this tech in future titles.

Rookie_Monster1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )


"why is this being utilised for quite an unpopular game like Crackdown, surely Micorsoft would be using this in every Halo, Forza and Gears."

Gears of War 4 beta included and will show Sera getting destroys piece by piece via Crackdown's cloud engine tech. Hint, hint..just like Halo 3 beta..perhaps. :D

andibandit1166d ago


wow You've been levelling houses i Battlefield...well houses and skyscrapers are problably the same thing in your world. Remember when the skyscraper falls over in Siege og Shanghai...ever wonder why it always falls in the exact same way....its prerendered

Septic1166d ago

Lol people going on full damage limitation mode.

Are people comparing this to the scripted Levolution in Battlefield? So much desperation that it's frankly kind of pathetic.

The tech itself is impressive and yeah lets wait and see but don't be a complete utter fanboy citing examples of other games in a DESPERATE bid to downplay this and then chuck in a 'lets wait and see' comment to try and pass off your sentiments as neutral.

The cloud tech is extremely impressive and I hope it works well when it launches. The haters on here will beg and pray it doesn't work as is so painfully obvious but at least have the balls to admit the tech is doing something unprecedented.

No more stupid examples of:

Red Faction
Uncharted 2
Battlefield 4

Use your brains...

gangsta_red1166d ago Show
Christopher1166d ago

***Micorsoft would be using this in every Halo, Forza and Gears going. What about third party games, which make up 90% of games out there?***

First of all, Forza does use it with Drivatars. It's not on the level of Crackdown, but it's what makes sense for the game.

Second, and kinda hinted at the last bit there, just because you can do something doesn't mean it should be done for every game. People can throw RPG elements into every game out there, that doesn't mean that it should be done. Every FPS could have platforming gameplay, doesn't man it should be done. You use what makes sense, not just throw everything and the kitchen sink into it.

DLConspiracy1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Yep. Not sure why people like to make it more complicated than it is.

Do we expect to see problems with this stuff. OF COURSE. Does that make this tech Invalid? Nope. I'm sure the first time the cloud goes down on the crackdown beta there will be 80 articles touting if it will even work. It's got to start somewhere and this tech isn't limited to ONLY xbox. It will be everywhere eventually. As long as the companies involved have the servers to make it happen. MS just seems to be fully invested in ways to make their servers appealing to gaming and elsewhere.

It will be on dedicated servers so we will probably see the same normal problems with dedicated with this sort of tech. Some people are overplaying the tech while others are setting up the ducks to say "SEE I TOLD YOU!" when it goes down ONE time.

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IRetrouk1166d ago

How does that link prove it cant be done on pcs or ps4s? Its just server farms. Any company with the resorces can do this lol, that does not mean it aint impresive, because it is but lets not pretend only the xbox one can do this sort of thing lol

KionicWarlord2221166d ago

There were people saying that ps4 and a pc can do this locally.
Which is complete nonsense.

But saying the ps4 can do this is like saying naughty dog can reach 60 fps in the single player of uncharted 4 on ps4 and match the quality of its reveal trailer.

Equally unlikely. Ive heard the most insane stuff lately from N4g,neogaf and youtube.

People are very scared that this gives xbox one strength and is bringing something massive to the gaming world.

1166d ago
darksky1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

What happens when the game is 2-3 years old? Do the servers stop computing for an old game thus effectively rending it useless?

Also it will of course be unplayable when your connection does go down sometimes like it does for any other online game..

Volkama1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

@Darksky If nobody is playing then there are no servers. If people are playing, servers spin up for them. That is what differentiates "cloud" from "dedicated servers".

There is very little to gain from removing support for the game if nobody is playing. Just some disc space on the host.

TFJWM1166d ago

@BoundToScale Where does Cerny say its not possible? His quotes about were this unless you can find another interview.

"It’s possible to do computing in the Cloud, PlayStation 4 can do computing in the Cloud. We do something today: Matchmaking is done in the Cloud and it works very well. If we think about things that don’t work well… Trying to boost the quality of the graphics, that won’t work well in the Cloud."

He says the GRAPHICS can not be improved with it...Crackdown is not using it to improve the graphics

Death1166d ago

Crackdown is using cloud compute to increase graphics. With the destruction happing in the cloud the devs don't need to use those resources locally. This gives them more available processing for the game. Anything you offload increases the amount of processing you can use for the game.

Rookie_Monster1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )


"How does that link prove it cant be done on pcs or ps4s? Its just server farms. Any company with the resorces can do this lol" 

Dude, Sony even charges PSN owners PSN plus to allow only 1gb of Cloud saves while MS gives virtually unlimited cloud saves to EVERY xbox user accounts even if they are not paying for Live Gold. That tells you all you need to know why Sony can't Do what MS do in terms of having the required servers and right kind of servers to make it happen unless they are willing to spend money to rent servers from MS or Google. Even that is just part of the equation.

The key is Sony don't have a PaaS Cloud infrastructure like Azure in their arsenal or the software expertise and experience to make that a reality. Even a genius like Mark Cerny thought it was impossible so that should tells you all you need to know of the playing level when it comes to software and online powess between the two companies. Plain and simple.

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@Death umm no, So the graphics are going to be improved only in multiplayer when you are online? The graphics will be the same only thing different is the 100% destruction in MP

@Rookie_Monster Where does he ever say its impossible? He says it working well for cloud computing but not so well for graphics...

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I think we can all agree any console can render any object at 1080p and 60fps. What is it that reduces both resolution and frame rate? I'll give you a hint, the more that is done on screen, the lower both of these become. Console have a limited amount of available resources. By offloading work to remote servers it frees up the amount of available resources on your console. If you are rendering the backgrounds remotely, what does that do for character models? It shouldn't be that difficult to understand how this works or what it can do.

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@Death Ok, I thought we were talking about what crackdown is doing now...

That is the theory of what cloud computing will do in the future but can we see a game in the wild that uses the basics of it first...

Going from predicting the physics of explosions to rending the whole backround of a game on a cloud server in real time is a big step

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Exactly Death,

That was the point I was trying to make. by offloading resources to the cloud it offer more local resources to upgrade textures and fidelity to graphics. It is just that simple.

MArk cerny was referring to thing like Matchmaking when he was talking about cloud processing with the PS4

Mark cerny: "It’s possible to do computing in the Cloud, PlayStation 4 can do computing in the Cloud. We do something today: Matchmaking is done in the Cloud and it works very well."

Lol, Martch making with cloud processing is not even remotely on the same level as what Crackdown cloud computing have shown.

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Wow loads of spin in the replys lol, all i said was that it is possible on pc and ps4. Didnt say anything about sonys resorses or anything like that, and no matter what type of servers they need to run this its still just server farms, ofcourse you also need really smart software, but thats obvious enough not to have to mention it, also way to twist cernys words peps. Oh and bound,,, that really hurt my feelings you big brave computing genius 😘

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@ boundtoscale: It's usually preferable to shut up when you don't know what's been said. Cerny talked about the un-efficiency of rendering graphics on the cloud. He didn't talk about physics computing on it.

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@Kionic: I blame Microsoft for not giving us enough information about their vision or even showcasing it. But i also equally feel like a fool for taking to twitter to slam their vision.

My console is never not connected to the internet and has always been since 2007, so why was i scared of an always online future when i am always online?

The success of games like Destiny and Titanfall have proven that there a re a lot of players that will play an always online game. I hope Crackdown 3 is a success so that it gives Microsoft the confidence to be even more ambitious with cloud compute in the future titles. Cloud computing and not raw processing power is going to be the future of console gaming.

Death1166d ago

Ultimately it was Microsofts job to sell the features and benefits of the console. They failed at that during the reveal. To a degree I believe they gave far too much credit to gamers in general. I'm still impressed at the amount of gamers that didn't know the Xbox One could play games. A lot of it was fud from the other camp that wanted to downplay features such as the One guide for TV and the exclusive deal with NFL network. By claiming the Xbox One was focused on TV they were able to persuade gamers to jump to the game focused PS4. The irony is PSVue was completely given a pass and that paid subscription service literally turns your PS4 into a cable box. Funny how that works.

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Damnit I thought your username was sonicwarlorrd 222, I was about to bub you whatever here's a well said for the comment..

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There is not a single day that I play my xbox and i'm not online. I keep my console on quick start settings so i'm even online (somewhat) when i'm not playing.

I bet i can say the same for all you keyboard warriors ON THE INTERNET complaining about always being online. I bet half of you don't even turn your computers off when you're done. The 24 hour check in meant nothing. Just a bunch of people who weren't buying the system anyway complaining.

And for people wanting destruction of a mass scale on single player, must have not played the original crackdown. That gameplay mechanic just won't work when a big part of the game is traversal to areas very high up on the tops of buildings. (agility orbs).

Anyway I enjoyed the first crackdown (didn't get it for the halo beta eiher). This one looks to pick up where the original left off. Kudos MS.

Ashby_JC1166d ago

Loved C1...didnt much like C2 Demo.

Look forward to C3 and check out the MP

t-hall7851166d ago

Me too @Ashby_JC even went back and played it again when they gave it away with GWG. C2 i ran from lmao.

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Soooo.... one guy from ND = every one at ND ?!

AnotherGamer1171166d ago

Here is the statement from the article:

But the most interesting bit of reaction comes from Naughty Dog’s Jonathan Cooper, an animator for the upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. He stated that, “Crackdown 3 spectacularly showing how Microsoft should have pitched the ‘always on’ functionality so people could see the benefits.”

Please explain to me how an animator's comments makes Naughty Dog, the entire company, all of a sudden support always online?

Am I missing something here?