Journey PlayStation 4 review | Vic B'Stard's State of Play

Vic B'Stard writes: "If you are not one to take a chance on a video game, Journey may not immediately look that appealing. The stylized graphics are not what you might expect from a game that is, in fact, an absolute delight to play."

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Epicor1164d ago

I'm pretty late to jump in to this but I finally was able to play the game (finished it during one game session). I must say that it took few "levels" for me to start fully appreciate this game. First 20 minutes were like "okay I get it, it's an artsy game with nice presentation but it's pretty boring". Soon after that (during the first kite level I think) I started to fall in love. The title of this game perfectly describes it. It's a journey. Not just in a sense of traditional video game but more of a completely unique experience. As good as this game is I think I'm not going to play it again. For me it was a fresh and unique experience that was full of emotions, sense of discovery and pure awe. I like to leave it that way. 10/10.