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VGChartz's Daniel Carreras: "So, is Rare Replay worth a purchase? Undoubtedly. If you enjoy retro gaming or you're an old school Rare fan then I cannot recommend it highly enough. Its value proposition is almost unrivalled and the extra features add a twist of modernity to what could have easily been a quick cash grab collection."

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stanr1164d ago

Awesome review and on point but I did not notice any bugs when I was playing. After playing Perfect Dark again, I really want them to reboot this series as it held a lot of promise.

holysmokesbatman1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

I've not got around to PD yet (not played it since N64 days and never played 'zero')
Currently my 5 year old son is playing viva pinata and grabbed by ghoulies a lot!

I'll be re visiting Conker soon enough.

MazeRunner1164d ago

this is a steal for 30 dollars, must have for x1 owners

LifeInNZ1163d ago

My kids love this collection and having old school 2 player challenges on the early games has been a blast!

DOOMZ1163d ago

The game is awesome & a great deal! Go get it...