Alien Storm Retrospective Review

Looking back on it, it’s hard to believe just how many side-scrolling brawlers the Mega Drive had on offer back in the 90’s. The Mega Drive was the first system I ever played (at least the first console I remember playing) and there was one game which, when I talk to people about now, always presents me with the same looks of confusion. That game was Alien Storm which has become a sort of forgotten gem. To many it might look like a re-skin of Golden Axe with aliens and robots but you’ll soon find it’s a little deeper than that. In fact this title went further introducing a couple of neat features to switch up the gameplay.

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MrsNesbitt2786d ago

I do miss side-scrolling brawlers.

Fridgecake2786d ago

I totally forgot about this game. Was so good back in the day, though I sucked at it

GamerGabs2786d ago

Always great to read a review of an older game.

Deathdeliverer2786d ago

This game got hard as hell in the later levels. Beating this back in the day was a feat.

RosweeSon2786d ago

This is a classic used to play this with my next door neighbour, brilliant game.

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