Scalebound looks like the most interesting big-budget Japanese RPG in a while [RPG Site]

RPG Site gets a demo from Hideki Kamiya himself and writes their impressions, plus some interview snippets.

The site writes: "Scalebound is an RPG, then - and not just another Action RPG, but a contender for quite possibly the most interesting and different big-budget RPG to come out of Japan in a generation. Between this and Sony's Horizon: Zero Dawn, 2016 looks to be a hell of a year for new big-name RPG properties. Okay, Platinum. You have our attention - we can't wait to see more."

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mafia_pc1533d ago

2016 gonna be crazy, this is one of my most anticipated games !

4Sh0w1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Yeah 2016 is a packed year for gamers, specifically speaking of Scalebound it looked great, its set in a beautiful world, you fight alongside and fly with Dragons, the dragons are customizable, its got a leveling system, its got *ACTION RPG combat made by one of the best in the biz in Kamiya, plus *4 player co-op to team up with other dragon fighters. I mean whats not to love? Microsoft has had a great E3 and awesome Gamescom back to back.

StrawberryDiesel4201532d ago

I love Platinum Games but Scalebound looks so unpolished and the combat looked terrible. I was interested until I saw that awful gameplay reveal. Were we watching the same footage? What I saw looked like crap. I'm ten times more excited for Crackdown 3 and Gears or War Remaster. Scalebound may indeed be a great game when it's finally released so I will hold out hope, but the gameplay was not very promising.

Reibooi1532d ago


Truth be told I had a somewhat similar reaction to the footage. At first I was excited and hyped to see what the game was and thought wow that looks awesome. Then the battles happened and it had a terrible framerate, awkward animations(like Drew running over to the chest) and the combat looked far to simplistic for something coming from Platinum.

It kinda reminded me of Monster Hunter. But with all that said this game is so amazingly filled with potential that I hope to see it knock one out of the park. I am sure alot of the technical issues will be ironed out by the time it comes out and there is probably more to the combat then what they were willing to show. I mean this really was our first in depth look at it and no game reveals all it's cards so early.

beans1532d ago

I agree with you both. It seems he wasn't really ready to show footage which may be why he made certain comments a few weeks ago. I just want platinum to take there time and make it right. Also I feel it's better to give them realistic opinions instead of just saying you love it because consumer input is very important for end products.

Spenok1532d ago

I think the game looks interesting, but THE most interesting? I don't quite agree. I was honestly expecting/hoping for more from it. I was more pleased with Crackdown 3. (Although that's obviously not a JRPG.)

Exari1532d ago

about the title, "the most interesting big-budget Japanese RPG in a while" i think the writer forgot about Bloodborne.

grumpygamr1532d ago

Game looks pretty cool. But I am not as excited for it as many other games. We will see

slate911533d ago

Like mafia said, 2016 will be historic games-wise. Both sony and ms will have excellent line ups.

Toiletsteak1533d ago

Like mafia and slate said, 2016 will be amazing. I can't wait to play games like Quantum Break, Scalebound and Horizon.

joab7771533d ago

2015 has been amzinging too, bit 2016 looks like it's gonna be the beginning of this gen's new IP push.

nowitzki20041533d ago

I agree. Might be the best year in gaming. Star Citizen, No Mans Sky, UC4, etc.. WOW. Will def be adding a Xbox One before 2016 to my entertainment center.

slappy5081533d ago

like Mafia, Slate and Toiletsteak said 2016 is going to be awesome. I'm going to get broke quickly

sammarshall1021533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Scalebound is gonna be crazy from the looks of it and I like how the dragons will have different abilities

This is my most anticipated after Quantum Break for 2016

Spotie1533d ago

C-c-c-combo breaker!

I dunno. Games like this are a reason for me to get consoles. Keep it up.

Kal0psia1533d ago

Gears 4 was at the top of my list for most anticipated, Scalebound replaced that. Not a bad thing by the way. ;D