Review of the FC4 Hori Fight Pad [KZoku Ent]

Kuma wrote: Time to find out if another piece of tech can step up your game Fighting Game Community with the latest review of Hori’s Fighting Commander 4 a.k.a FC4. I know sounds like a new government issued fighter jet, but it could make or break your fighting game skills. Lets take a look at the latest video to find out.

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FoxyGotGame1165d ago

Great if you're dedicated to the Fighting Genre, but I personally find this unnecessary. 3/5 from this particular reviewer is not bad though.

SavageKuma1165d ago

I agree ThatPSGuy it felt as if they were trying to make more than just a fight game pad, but they should of stuck to just that. Too much going on for this controller. Thanks for checking out the post.