Quantum Break is putting the 'time travel' back into 'time travel'


Having seen all of Quantum Break's moving parts in action, it still takes some explaining. Anyone who's followed the game knows that it's part Remedy shooter - with all the slow-mo John Woo-isms that implies - and part pseudo-Syfy Original, with a built-in live-action TV show to watch between chapters. You'll also probably know that the choices you make on behalf of the game's antagonist, Paul Serene (now played by Aiden 'man who is Littlefinger' Gillen) will affect how the show and the game play out.

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SaveFerris1170d ago

Perhaps the best looking game on Xbox One in my opinion.

Genuine-User1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

I agree. This is the best looking game on Xbox one.

Aceman181170d ago

Its the only game i want to buy the X1 for.

Aceman181170d ago

I've seem to have upset some people here lol. Are they telling me that this isnt the only game I want to buy an X1 for?

n4rc1170d ago

this place can get a little crazy with the disagrees..

i got like 5 for saying crackdown comes out next year. lol.. thats not even an opinion!!

i hit agree to help balance it out :p

Aceman181170d ago


Lol thx, yea this place can be a bit nutty. For me the only games I want on the X1 are

Quantum Break
Crackdown (for main campaign)
Sunset Overdrive (I know it's out now but 350+ tax for one game isn't my thing)

The minute QB drops I can pick up SSOD with it.

n4rc1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

the "fanboy" menality prevents people from having logical discussions..

i take your comment as praise for this game.. why is it so wrong that this game is what would make you consider buying it? thats a good thing for them you'd think lol

there are a few titles i want a ps4 for... but unfortunately i also have 4-5 games on my xbox i have no time for with more coming lol... but im fully aware im missing out.. same with my pc, built a nice rig but cheaped out on my gpu since i didnt game on it anymore... now i regret it lol

too many play brands over games around here...

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Sonyslave31170d ago

I still think Ryse is the best looking game and Qb not far behind it.

Man the sounds in this game is unrival.

Toiletsteak1170d ago

RYSE was an amazing looking launch title but QB looks loads better.

DigitalRaptor1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Always has been for me.

I'm curious about the changes they made since we last saw Jack Joyce, but gotta be for the better, with those hollywood A-list playing their part. Even more curious to see how the live action and gameplay fits together. Story looks very interesting and the gameplay looks good.

I do wonder though, was the reason the original Jack Joyce looked like he did (kinda resembled Phil Spencer) to hide the fact that Shawn Ashmore was playing the lead?

@ Aceman18

Same here. And don't worry dude, I'll be getting those disagrees too, and probably an accusation or two from a certain somebody, despite me always having said the same thing about this game and this developer.

jb2271169d ago

The game looks absolutely amazing and its easily the game I'm most envious of as a ps4 owner. Can't wait to see more and I'm pretty certain this game will review very very well.

As far as the visuals, they are all jawdropping of course but does the fog bother anyone else? I would totally understand the fog being present during a couple sections here and there according to the time of day but it seems like every piece of gameplay we've seen seems to be masking draw distances w/ heavy fog. Maybe there's a story reason for it like some kind of environmental disaster, its kinda nitpicky but I'm hoping the fog isn't present through the whole campaign in the same manner.

Fin_The_Human1170d ago

Have to agree but Raise still looks impressive for being a launch game.

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TheGreatGamer1170d ago

Looks phenomenal, can't wait until next year

chrisx1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Remedy are 1 of the best devs out there,underated imo. Quantum break is awesome

Fin_The_Human1170d ago

Love Alan and will buy this game day 1...not sure why MS has not made a move to purchase these guys.

They will get away from MS like Bioware did.

ScorpiusX1170d ago

I have been saying the same thing, MS needs to make Remedy 1st party now.

sammarshall1021170d ago

This game looks like it'll be one of the best ever