The 21 Games of VICE’s Lifetime That You Were Wise to Avoid

VICE: "Here we have 21 of the absolute worst games to have been released since the last time England failed to qualify for the World Cup finals and Rednex had a British number one single. You didn't ask for them, you got them anyway, and they were fucking terrible. I'll let other people summarise these tragedies because, frankly, I don't want to be anywhere near them. And if you ever have been, I'm sorry. So, so sorry."

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ninsigma2475d ago

Highly disagree with knack being on this list. It's a lot better than it was given credit for (like ryse son of rome). Surely haze would have been better suited??

Gwiz2475d ago

Haze went trough a drastic development change near the end of it's completion,due to issues with the UE3 licensing process.It's not really the same thing and was an unfortunate outcome of events.Knack on the other hand was intentionally lacking.

joab7772475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Knack doesn't belong on a list THIS bad! It's nothing special!

MSBAUSTX2475d ago

I personally really enjoyed knack. I got it the same time as Little Big Planet 3 and played Knack a lot more. LBP3 is much more of a let down than Knack was. Different developer I know, but Knack Does not deserve to be avoided.

ninsigma2475d ago

Big time! I'm surprised that you're disappointed with lbp3. I personally thought it was the best in the series (obviously it was quite short in comparison though). What let it down for you??

scark922475d ago

LBP2 is one of my fave games of all time!, the only problem I have with LBP3 is the interface and level choosing, very awkward, LBP2 had a better interface imo.

MSBAUSTX2474d ago

Lbp3 was a glitchy mess and froze constantly. Lots of people had this issue with it. Lbp2 was much more impressive to me.

SaveFerris2475d ago

Still waiting on the announcement of the remastered Ride to Hell: Retribution for Xbox One and PS4...