Cracking Down on Xbox One Cloud Computing

"At gamescom 2015, Microsoft revealed details on Crackdown 3’s 100% destructibility, and how it will utilize cloud computing to accomplish the very complex computations required for this feat. With this information, Daily Reaction is jumping into the discussion to ask the important questions about cloud computing, and explore if the future of technological processing is really in the mysterious entity known only as “The Cloud.”" -PSLS

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KionicWarlord2221169d ago

"Sony, of course, has their own cloud service, which should theoretically be able to offer a similar concept, but much like Chandler, I don’t work directly in those markets, or know enough to positively state that it can. "

Hell no Gaikai cant offer the same thing.

TheGreatGamer1169d ago

Sony does not have the infrastructure to do this with their games just look at Mark Cerny's comments on the cloud he admits it

XBLSkull1169d ago Show
TheGreatGamer1169d ago

Dude you summed it up well. MS demonstrating impressive new tech not possible on your ps4? Downplay it out of jealousy

inveni01169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

What we saw wasn't impressive. Yes, a whole building fell. But so what? Why couldn't that be faked how it is in other games? Am the only person who noticed the fragments disappearing? It just seems a little too basic to be impressive. Hopefully future iterations are more inline with expectations.

GameNameFame1169d ago

You do realize that Sony's cloud has the lowest latency of all cloud services?

Yes that includes MS. That is because Sony is the only one making a lot of local server farms. Instead of just having one large centralized on in one continent, you have one like 50 miles from your home.

Result is lower latency. Lower the latency more you can do with it. There is nothing unique about this whole "cloud" thing. It just does exactly same as dedicated servers do.

Only difference will be that it cost to run dedicated servers and Sony may not want to offer that for free.

poppinslops1169d ago

If cloud-processing is "exactly the same as dedicated servers", why then can no other game do what Crackdown does?

GameNameFame1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )


They do. MMO server created physics exist. EVERQUEST NEXT
They also run AI on servers too.
They also make custom or random generated map or stuff.

It has been all been done before.

It isn't particularly popular cause dedicated servers have cost money always.

Sony can do it, Nintendo can do it(if they choose to rent servers), Activision can do it, EA can do it.

But it cost money, so they probably won't. Unless Crackdown becomes huge success then those company may want to get in the train.


I did. Everquest NEXT. Cloud driven Physics. Or what educated people just call physics on dedicated servers.

I didnt see sony fans yelling CLOUD PHYSIZZZZZZZ! OMG!!

LOl. Denial setting in already?

It has fully destructable environment. All buildings have Voxels.

Meaning you can break down buidlings by blowing a hole. Walking through it.

You want ot get to next level? You can make a hole in the ground. You can actually dig dirt by physics.

With millions of people playing in one world ofc.

LOL.Quit your desperate straw grasp.

poppinslops1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Okay then... name ONE game that can do what Crackdown does.

Edit: THAT?
That's not even close.

You really need to let go of this... you were wrong - digging in your heels won't make a difference.

sinspirit1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )


Yeah friggin right dude.

Everquest is an enormous voxel based world with far more polygons in complex shapes that are entirely destructible rather than many basic polygons making up one building. This also with vastly more players and far more AI and complex gameplay and creation systems in place. It doesn't matter? Get out of here.

What Crackdown 3 does is sweet and all and I'm sure it will be better fun but it seriously is not even that much better than Roblox. Obviously it is. It's less blocky and is more realistic. But, it isn't more far ahead of a decade old children's block game. The application is better. The technology is not new or original.

Do you seriously think that Sony can't do the same? They have servers to emulate entire games rather than just part of the work. Microsoft does NOT have high end server hardware. They only have a large cluster of decent servers to work together. They do NOT dedicate all of it nor as many as it takes to XBOX. If this were true then there would have never been connectivity issues from server load. And, no matter how many servers there are latency is always a factor. Your won't get anything out of this world or far and beyond what these consoles can do on their own. You should have seen the ps4 physics demo by now to get a idea of what they can do for this scale from basic physics with the quality of C3's graphics. The cloud has no gpu hardware to run this. It's very inefficient. It isn't hard to believe with all the RAM and with the GPU crunching numbers faster that this is possible.

Kal0psia1169d ago


You're desperate buddy, so toss some salt on that crow and accept it. Xbox One, true next-gen capabilities and innovation. Everything you've stated has been reaching comments proving nothgin!

Everquest Next uses in-game engine for it's physics. Just because it's an MMO doesn't mean it uses cloud computing, otherwise like Crackdown 3 it would be 100% destructible environments. The desperate video you posted proves nothing related to cloud computing. You're arguments are vague.

Crackdown will be the first and innovative retail title to provide the power of cloud computing. Point is the potential is amazing. I can only imagine what future MOBA games like Smite can provide for graphics fidelity.

If this doesn't peak you're interest as a gamer, you're not a gamer. You love your plastic too much. That is sad.

sinspirit1169d ago


Hello! JerdDaNERD7.

The fact that it is a mmo is proof the physics are cloud computed. Every player observes the same physics.

That is like saying your inventory in WoW isn't on the cloud because the items are in-engine and only you see them. It is all hosted and calculated on a server. No, this isn't a proper example for physics because they are basically non existant in WoW. Roblox, Everquest, MineCraft, Garry's Mod, Star Citizen, No Man's Sky, etc. Are all examples of games that have cloud based physics so long as you are online on a server. You may be wondering.. "oh, but MineCraft Garry's Mod, and Roblox can be played offline locally on my computer". True. But that doesn't mean that when you go online that they still process physics and everything else
on your system. The server takes care of it so that everyone sees everything the same and has a seamless experience. Otherwise people would be in every online game ever seeing enemies get shot but the enemy never saw himself get shot.

donthate1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Apart from what XBLSkull said, but this articles' description of a cloud is "the internet", because it is not local is just plain stupid!!!

A simple search on google will yield wikipedia:

Seriously amateur gaming journalist, do SOME research PLEASE!

We don't want your opinion, if you don't even know what you are talking about!


"You do realize that Sony's cloud has the lowest latency of all cloud services?"

Do you have any data to back this up?

Latency isn't just distance, it is also routing and backbone. That is why, in some instances routing your traffic through a VPN helps speed even though it shouldn't.

In Xbox Live's infancy, MS would work with ISP to configure their network so XBL was optimized.

Apart from that, I also suggest you read that link I posted, because clearly you are confusing dedicated servers with "cloud computing".

If a dedicated server was "cloud computing", I have a few cloud's at my home. Here let me pop up another Virtual Machine and make another "cloud"!!!

Surely anything that does computation is a server, and if it is "dedicated" it is a dedicated server which is a CLOUD. HURRAY!

Please stop spreading BS and FUD!

PS, PS Now is only available in North America and Europe.... That latency will be very high anywhere else in the world.

"Sony can do it, Nintendo can do it(if they choose to rent servers), Activision can do it, EA can do it."

Sony can't even get their servers on PSN to update without taking the entire infrastructure down. Nintendo doesn't even have a real existing gaming network to speak of. Activision still runs most of CoD on P2P they claim is only a backup. EA had massive failure with BF4 and the game barely recovered.

MS is the only one that has consistently shown that they can do this. Azure has top notch reliability with mission critical software running on it all over the world.


Discussing if physics is done on a server is "cloud" is moot, because they are all fixed resources. It isn't scaled, and used more like a dedicated server environment i.e. fixed resources on ONE dedicated server. It isn't scalable. It's like going single core vs multi-core! (You know, like DX12 and 1600% gain)

The innovation in MS/Cloudgine approach is that it is scalable on the fly service that gives you result that no-one else has done so far and is beyond anything seen before in a game intended for a console!

This is huge and super innovative. There aren't even that many companies that can do this, but MS with Azure!!!

sinspirit1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )


Scale-able doesn't change what it is. Other servers have been processing physics for well over a decade. The only reason it is referred to as "scale-able" is because they have a ton of extra servers reserved for game servers, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Business, and all sorts of random content. They still had Live issues occur from player load. It isn't a full proof system. It won't be like you are drag racing and have access to a horsepower button whenever you need more to beat whatever pulls ahead of you.

It's not like everyone else builds servers that magically handle immense loads of players without having enough power. They aren't made to match a specific number at launch.

When Sony and other companies build servers they are proper and can handle what is thrown at them. They aren't refered to as "scale-able" because they don't have a massive cluster of unused servers to turn on if they need them, because the truth is that they have specific servers dedicated to each product and these servers already handle more than what is thrown at them.

A cloud is a cloud no matter how big in scale. Performance varies.

There is an intense amount of proof needed to justify what we are seeing here. The fact is every player, every AI, every physical interaction. It all adds up more and more numbers that are sent to the server, to then be processed, and then be sent back to you for everything you had done, as well as everyone else in your game, and then it's just a back and forth game of all this information stacked on top of itself to everyone in the game and it just keeps growing. It is extremely skeptical to actually release at this same level of destruction. My only guess is that in desperation they are going all out and dedicating an overly insane amount of servers to crunch these numbers as a team in order to dish them out faster, but it's still an insane amount to keep up with and to then keep up with what had already fallen and is still there and physical. We will see in time. I'm always skeptical of Microsoft for good reason.

SquidBuck1169d ago

They could create a way to do this, they're not broke. And with how many PS4's that are selling, Sony will have some extra pocket cash to throw down on the same concept if they really want too.

UnHoly_One1168d ago


What we saw wasn't impressive?

So, a bunch of console games are doing this I suppose?

Name me one.

mike_honcho1168d ago

"MS demonstrating impressive new tech not possible on your ps4?"

Check this out.

So according to Shu it's possible. Anyone will agree that Shu > Cerny. Furthermore if you do some research you will find that cloud computing is possible on any device with a data/internet connection, even smartphones. I don't believe Sony is set up to do cloud computing as proficently as MS(my guess) but it is certainly possible.

However, as impressive as cloud computing potential is, I'm much more hyped on Microsoft paving the way for mods being utilized in games(Fallout 4). MS helping introduce mods to consoles is a huge deal for me and hopefully everyone else.

ABizzel11168d ago

It's not the infrastructure it's simply not having the server count to do it. MS has the server count, because their cloud was being used for business services back int he 360 days, here we are nearly 10 years later, and they have tons of servers to use for their Cloud Compute. Sony doesn't have the number of servers MS does, and thus they can't compete on that scale for now, this is one of the reasons they made PS+ mandatory so they could buy more server space.

1168d ago
Kal0psia1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )


Sorry you're wrong. All the physics in those games you mentioned are in game engine (client server) specific. MMO servers are scaled and act as a "host server" to a large volume of people playing online. That's it!

There isn't any specific cloud computation in MMO games except for connecting gamers scaling that process which which is the sole purpose of MMO servers. Otherwise it would be disastrous just running using MMO server for other processes other than connecting millions of people.

shloobmm31168d ago


None of it was disappearing. they made a point to mention that. Try harder. No one else can see it because it didn't happen. They were all phycial based components and there was no clipping either.

sinspirit1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )


Wrong. This doesn't mean the server does no work. The client typically allows the player to perform a set amount of actions before giving or getting feedback from the server. This is basically universally adopted to give the server breathing room and not to knock the player offline for lack of connection for a mere fraction of a second. Much of the time the client does process some of the physics but the server does as well and it gives the final result back to the player. This is why you see laggy servers where players, projectiles, vehicles, etc. move forward and then backward, like its rewinding. This is that same effect except when lag makes it skip back and forth. If the players calculated everything and then sent the results to the server to then give to everyone then server hosting would not be near as demanding as it gets.

Another super easy method to test this is to be in an online game that allows only one player to attack a specific ai at one time. Try to attack them when you disconnect yourself for a split second. Does your game hang and nothing happens or does it let you attack but the target doesn't move? The server is processing it all and you have to wait for it to decide what it wants it to do. And on the physics subject. Most will hang and not let you do a thing or the physics will not happen but you will see a bullet hit the bottle you shot. Heck. Even Halo 1 servers did this. You disconnect for a split second and you threw aa grenade under the warthog? Yeah,nothing happens until the server connects and tells you what it decided the result was and surprise it's a dozen feet away or still in motion because the server was already moving it.

Like, really. What about multiple people hitting one object? It doesnt get the physics calculation from one person. This one situation disproves it without me explaining it to you.

Kal0psia1168d ago


Again, you're taking a very simple and straight forward concept and trying desperately to prove a point. So far you've only come across vague and stating moot points we all know already. So I never stated the servers don't work, it's just not a straight forward cloud computation you think it is in comparison to what being done for Crackdown on Xbox.

Simple if I were to play an MMO offline, it doesn't matter. I'll play the game at it's designed graphics fidelity. If I play online, no graphics fidelity is scaled further. MMO severs are just large volume host providers. Fact.

grumpygamr1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Does anyone on this thread not talk out their ass. Sony could set up this in a second. It's no different then playing any online game with a dedicated server. Its jusy forcing you to use the dedicated server, when most onlone games its optional. Having the server calculate physics is a cool idea that anyone can easily do. Got news for all u xbox fanboys, you don't have it yet either do you. All these people pretending like it's something amazing when all they have seen is a demo with a ton of marketting talk. Xbox fanboys are idiots. Sorry, keep acting like one I have to do you a favor and call it out. It's basically the same as when the building collapses in battlefield. Except battlefield can be done without dedicated server as well.

All that is going on is the server is calculating the complex destruction and then sending the information back to you in a small packet so the xbox one can show it.

A) it doesn't exist in the real world yet, game is Pre-alpha.
B) it's not like Microsoft over hypes stuff ever. You all remember Kinect right.

Xbox fanboys are pathetic. Can't enjoy the games, you got to eat up all the nonsense and regurgitate it like it means anything.

sinspirit1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )


I am being thorough. I explained everything and gave thorough examples. The servers DO process everything. The reason it is not the same degree as Crackdown 3 is not because its servers are any different. It is doing the exact same process for processing physics. The reason for the different level of physics is because of the scale at which they are taking the same process to. I would like someone or you to respond and tell me how thorough I am and what I haven't been thorough with. Oh, and be thorough with it.

Same process. Different SCALE.

That's the same as player hosting. Generally you could host a 16 player match on your pc. Maybe more up to around 64. Just on any standard PC. But, a professional server doing the same process will handle a ton more because of the scale at which the hardware is prepared to.

Don't belittle thorough explanations like you do on Disqus. You will argue with pure misconception and assumption all day, ask for proof, and no matter what level of proof is provided you keep naysaying and claiming your unconfirmed details as fact.

Do not respond with something to plot and get rid of my last bubble so that you get the last response in order to troll and pretend in front of others that I dont have any more argument because I can't leave a public reply. Yes. I am thorough. I covered our future arguments as well to prevent a fake victory due to bubble limitations.

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Sonyslave31169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

GAikai before sony brought them I couldn't even play their Mass Effect 2 Demo or any demo on their website without massive lag and I had 15mb Comcast wire connection.

But then again Comcast do have a history of false advertisement

tmh35931168d ago

Never heard of speed

ABizzel11168d ago

Gaikai worked fine for me well before Sony bought them out, I played plenty of games on it on a 6MBps U-Verse connection.

That was Comcast all the way.

Azmatik1168d ago

I think the bigest thing is Microsoft cant even handle windows 10 streaming to Xbone, with unplayble streaming on the same wifi. How does anyone believe they can support lets say 1mil players online at once? Because we all know betas or even live demos mean nothing compared to when a game launches. This games not even going to come out till feb 2017 so i dont know what the fuss is all about Microsoft is basically just throwing all Xbots hope of "tha cloud" to get sales, which is not even close to being released to the public. Maybe in 3 more years we will see "tha cloud" lol the "live" demo should be called extremly isolated demo of a very early alpha with horrible GFX that any console could easily run this, fully destructible multiplayer without "tha cloud" straight up ive played many fully destructible online games with even better gfx and more player count then this crap, stop being so desperate.

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Rookie_Monster1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Gaikai and Onlive that Sony have are not even in the same league as the Azure.

Gaika is a Software as a service (SaaS) "on-demand software"

Azure is a Platform as a service (PaaS) "delivers a computing platform"

In simpler terms, Gaika = Netflix style delivery for games.
Azure = Powerful remote rented servers that handle scalable workload and calculations.

At the XB1 launch, MS had 300,000 servers dedicated for gaming used around the world and that figure no doubt is much higher now. That is why they are the only one of the console makers that can offer what we are seeing from Crackdown.

Dewitt1169d ago

This is exactly right and what I was trying to get across to people

GameNameFame1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I do not think you understand how it works.

Gaikai= 100 % computation on server PLUS post process and encode. HEAVY COMPUTATION

Azure= Rely heavy on local compute while adding help.LIGHTER COMPUTATION

It was also built for MS office/Skydrive/Skype/Outlook (MS said this on their earning report) Then after thought for games.


Was that sarcasm or are just xbox fan this desperate to believe?


Exactly. MS announced that in the earning report all the time. Servers are for office stuff. They dont even mention gamine uses in those reports. It literally is afterthought.

Rookie_Monster1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )


"Gaikai= 100 % computation on server PLUS post process and encode. HEAVY COMPUTATION"

-lol, As in heavy computation, do you mean running a PS3 game on server and delivering it to my Samsung Blu-Ray player and only requires PS4/PS3 controller to work? So kind of like Netflix then where I can watch a DVD movie using HEAVY COMPUTATION from Netflix and delivering it to my PS4 or my cappy cellphone. "on-demand non-native software" --gotcha. ;)

"Azure= Rely heavy on local compute while adding help.LIGHTER COMPUTATION"

-lol, so I guess you had missed the Crackdown demo then where the larger the destruction, the system direct adding more Azure servers to compute the physics to eventually blowing up the whole city with the help of multiple servers to help calculate and processed physics. LIGHTER COMPUTATION indeed. Eyes roll. Lol

AngelicIceDiamond1169d ago

People are having a really difficult time accepting this. MS announced CC 2 years ago, 2 years later its real(surprise, surprise). And everyone here or most ppl claimed it wasn't real.

Folks need to own up to their own BS.

donthate1169d ago


Gakai isn't 100% computation on a server. It is a souped up PS3 farm with video encoding. That's it!

It isn't equipped to do general computing, load distribution or scaling. It is literally performs the function of an Xbox One/PS4 when streaming a game on your internal network!

It isn't designed for computation, let alone anything for gaming. It can't scale, it can't load balance, it can't really do much of anything. I suppose it could add the power of a single PS3 to your PS4 if you happen to only be in North America or Europe.

It is mostly just useful to play PS3 games and store saves to a storage facility.

Sony wasted a lot fo money on buying Gakai while everyone else was fleeing. The last remaining survivor basically sold their patents pennies on the dollar after MS passed them up for good reason.

I'm sorry, but I will take the "office stuff" that is meant for mission critical applications to run on and trusted by some of the largest companies in the world over Gakai, that can power games like Crackdown 3.

I don't particularly enjoy a laggy experience on PS Now especially for the current price. Don't think I would even use them if it was free. Very frustrating experience that the input are several frames behind.

Sweep141168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Azure is a platform dedicated first and foremost to business (office etc..) It's NOT and never will be a pure gaming server farm

Those 300000 servers are virtual for the most part and are not solely dedicated to gaming

I can't imagine the backlash MS will face when Crackdown 3 will not work as demonstrated/advertised when released in the real world, with hundred thousands consoles requiring server's calculations and dealing with each player's different bandwith and latency on an un-doctored environment,

ABizzel11168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

There's one thing about Gaikai you forgot to mention.

Gaikai is Open Platform, which is why it can have other services and features added to it.

Gaikai can become a cloud computing service, it's just not happening anytime soon, at best we'll see it next-gen if MS's Cloud truly innovates for the rest of this gen. But then Sony will be a ways behind.

What Sony really needs is for Worldwide Internet Bandwidth to take a massive jump, because that is where Gaikai streaming will completely blow up. At that point they can simply cluster consoles and offer gaming experiences via streaming (1 GB/s) that a single console will never be able to match.

The only thing with that is it becomes a gray area for how games will be sold (most likely annual subscription services, and hopefully not per game).

That would be revolutionary, but it also would be so limiting for the gamer who no longer owns their content, simply renting their games on the console they bought.....if console seven exist, but that's PS6 / PS7 type stuff.

For now MS wins the Cloud Compute, and there's really nothing Sony can do about it. Sony needs to build the tech, and buy more servers to use it efficiently.

d_g1168d ago


and the one who wrote this article just Can't handle the truth that Cloud gaming is real thing !

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Tedakin1169d ago

Cerny said this stuff wasn't possible just a year or 2 ago. I doubt they have something set up like this at the moment.

FlexLuger1169d ago

"Cerny said this stuff wasn't possible just a year or 2 ago. I doubt they have something set up like this at the moment."

^^This. You dont go from saying a rival companies tech doesnt work, because you deemed it unfeasable, to suddenly saying, your product can do it too. Smells like BS, to be honest.

ChronoJoe1169d ago

He said trying to boost the quality of the graphics wouldn't work well in the cloud.

Where did he say anything about something like this? Server side physics computation isn't what he wrote about, and it isn't a new concept either.

HaveAsandwich1169d ago

lol thats not what he said

Sweep141168d ago

That's what Mark Cerny said :

“To the extent that it’s possible to do computing in the cloud,” said Cerny, “PS4 can do computing in the cloud.

“We do some things today,” added Cerny. “Matchmaking is done in the cloud and it works very well. If we think about things that don’t work well, trying to boost the quality of the graphics, that won’t work well in the cloud.”

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King Nezz1169d ago ShowReplies(2)
ChronoJoe1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Gaikai can't offer the same thing? this is just silly. It's entirely dependent on what the developers / publishers want to do with their networked resource. Gaikai is a gameplay streaming service... that's something entirely different to this. So it to say Gaikai can't do it makes about as much sense as saying Netflix can't do it. You're right! but that's not what those servers or their software were built for. Could Sony, or another company do it? Yes, of course.

MMOs use 'cloud' driven AI, and often cloud based physics. It just depends what you want to with your game, it's perfectly possible for any developer to use server side physics calculations, but it just depends if it's worth it.

Generally I think the answer would be no, you have to provide a whole load of network resources to an individual game, and because of that distribution of resources it's not realistically possible to provide this kind of support for all titles on your platform, therefore it doesn't make sense on a more universal scale, so it's easy to see why most developers wouldn't opt to use server side physics calculation.

There's also the issue that it's networked, and lag is a factor. Crackdown 3 demoed at gamescom was run on a local network (no lag) and it's not clear how these systems run outside of artificial networks like these. MMOs that are running server side physics calculations often feature a delay before the object moves.

Either way, any developer / publisher could do it, but how financially viable is it to run 11 servers per lobby within a game? Not that much so, I wouldn't imagine! However for Microsoft, it's a nice advertisement that helps show off their console, even if it is, at the end of the day, nothing that the XBOX ONE specifically accomplishes.

It's kind of like pointing fingers at Planetside 2, with 1000+ players in massive environments, and saying 'look at what the PS4 can do'. Well, there's a lot of things you can do with a hefty amount of networked resources!

ninsigma1168d ago

You're right. Gaikai can't offer it. But all Sony have to do is set up remote servers and ps4 is then capable doing the same thing. This isn't magic what crackdown is doing. Any machine that can connect to the Internet is capable of doing this.

ABizzel11168d ago


Actually it can, their cloud was build to be expanded upon with new services, new technologies, etc... The problem is it's not happening within the next several years. For this gen at least, MS has the Cloud Computing realm to itself, and even if Sony decides to jump on board MS has had their Azure Cloud since the 360 days, although it's just now being used for games. So Sony has a lot of catching up to do regardless.

That being said what is PSL doing commenting on this, especially for those not in the know.

Professor_K1168d ago

To all the people in disillusion

if sony can do this, Why arent they :D?

ninsigma1168d ago

They can, they just aren't using it as a marketing ploy because it's nothing revolutionary as a lot of uninformed people around here would have you believe.

Professor_K1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Marketing ploy? LOL k

Your comment showed nothing and ps has yet to come up with something as impressive as CD3

they basically cant

1168d ago
ninsigma1168d ago

Actually my comment showed that playstation is capable of such things...because all it needs is an Internet connection. Even if they don't have dedicated servers there are servers for hire example amazon db.

It's a marketing ploy because there are other games out there that do the same thing (physics calculations on a remote server) yet none of those games are screaming it from the rooftops. They utilise the tech and get on with it. Ms are the only ones touting this as something special.

If you really think it's not possible on ps4 then you have no knowledge whatsoever on computing and networking. In which case you really shouldn't be commenting on the subject.

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DevilOgreFish1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

The cloud physics in crackdown 3 was nuts. I was thinking though it would be nice if MS could offer both online, and a local Cloud computing solution via through windows 10. so that gamers could enjoy the experience both ways.

parentsbasement1169d ago

that would be brilliant , let my pc which is connected to my x1 handle some of the workload...

FlexLuger1169d ago

Thats a pretty cool idea, actually.

Mystogan1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Your PC would not be powerful enough though. Watch the 17minute demo. They used 11 servers at one point.

Mystogan1169d ago

Your PC would not be powerful enough. In the demo they used up to 11 servers to blow up a city.

HaydenJameSmith1169d ago ShowReplies(1)
windblowsagain1169d ago

I thought it looked ok, But not the way most are going on about it.

Watch the video.

As more falls, loads of it disappears. Cheap particle fx and graphics were so so.

You don't need 20xbox's to do that. lol

KionicWarlord2221169d ago

Cheap fx?

Show me a multiplayer game that has 100 percent destruction in a entire city.

Hell Bf4 got destruction that`s not even persistent. All destruction in crackdown 3 can be picked up and thrown at players.

You can take down a skyscraper that can collide into others and create a real domino effect.

You can go into EVERY building in crackdown 3. You can shoot gas pipes inside the building to individually take out floors he did so in the video and mine i posted above.

Denial is real.

windblowsagain1169d ago

Games are not designed with this. What would be the point of having BF4 total destruction. People get stuck on objects, you get tons of clipping. It's nothing to do with power.

@dewitt, open you eyes and take off the green goggles. It disappears and looks like paper. Not weight to anything. He even pushes concrete around around with his feet.


Dewitt1169d ago

Nothing disappears, it is all persistent on the cloud cluster it falls into. He shoots the debris to make it finer, it never actually fades from the scene.

Mystogan1169d ago

Graphics looked fine and nothing disappears.

inveni01169d ago

I saw stuff disappear, too. I don't know why people are saying it doesn't disappear. If j could stomach looking at last ten graphics again, I'd pull up a video and give a time stamp as proof, but people will still disagree. It's like the flat Earth society in here.

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