Examining the Localization of Persona

How Atlus’ localization of the popular Persona games have helped the JRPG make a resurgence in the West.

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ftwrthtx1834d ago

NIS America has always done a great job of localization and has helped the genre as well.

JowiStinks1834d ago

Definitely not going to disagree with that! I love them as well. :)

Wedge191834d ago

I still need to get into this series. One of these days.

jon_snow1834d ago

Each one is different so you start of with anyone.
Start off with persona 4 golden ps vita
Till persona 5 comes out.
It's a unique game and a gem.

knifefight1834d ago

They're serving an under-served market, and that's a great thing.


Never got into Persona but so glad to see the series making it's way to the US with such polish.