Microsoft's backwards compatibility push is a marketing miracle

"Who would have thought that the promise of old games could be such a fantastic marketing device?

"You really have to take your hat off to Microsoft here. They could have so easily pushed it as an exciting feature that the other side don't have and then left it at that.

"You don't actually need those additional titles, but just the value it seems to add for people is staggering.

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DirtyPete2787d ago

Im so happy to have backwards compatibility. I think it should have been a launch feature but oh well at least they brought it back. Now all my old games wont go to waste. I hope to start seeing more new games opposed to so many HD remakes too.

Fro_xoxo2787d ago

I'm with you. . I was so happy when Phil made the announcement at E3. .

so many classics from last-gen i'll be able to play again including the ones I missed.

kraenk122787d ago

People fail to realise only a fraction of their games will ever be playable. I am also curious if more complex, hardware intense games like RDR are ever gonna be released at all.

Fro_xoxo2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

well, the newly updated list:

Alan Wake (favorite)
Bioshock (Favorite)
REACH (favorite)
Fallout 3 - I didn't finish this. .

My favorite games have been appearing on the list thus far.. I don't plan on playing over 100 last gen games.
Just the ones I adore. .

Shadow Complex - an indie classic by Epic games. I missed out on this, it's also been added to the list.

Fan favs have been appearing on the list. There's a voting system for a reason.

donthate2787d ago

When I left my Xbox 360 behind to enjoy the new features of Xbox One, I admittedly didn't think I would miss my Xbox 360 games.

With BC, I have been playing some Mass Effect and Gears of War. I'm hoping to be able to enjoy Borderlands (already have THC on Xbox One), Dark Space trilogy, ME Trilogy, Gears series (we know this is coming) and Ninja Gaiden 2.

Dishonored would have been on that list if it wasn't remastered and given a discount to previous owners. The game is still in my backlog from GwG.

Anyhow, point being free games with the latest edition and ability to play my old games this entire generation is nothing sort of amazing.

Every indication a hundred game this November (I'm in the preview) and hundreds more next year.

I cannot complain about a free feature that I did not expect when I purchased the console.

Very good time to be an Xbox One gamer for sure!!!


Yeah, but most of the games you care for is likely to be there. Even if it isn't, it is still a lot better than nothing, and it is all free. So what is up with the negativity then?

freshslicepizza2787d ago

people like the idea even if they don't plan on using it much.

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Bhuahahaha2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

yeah me too im glad ms pulled the trigger to bc.
now sony will most likely follow it. every gamer is surely the winner here

ninsigma2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I can't see ps3 games becoming bc on ps4 but ps2 and ps1?? That could be possible and I would love that!!

Edit: fixed my phones stupid auto correct mistake!

dcbronco2787d ago

BC on PS4 would require additional equipment inside or a new OS. I doubt they will do either. Plus it would kill the value of their Geikai acquisition. The VM design of the Xbox One made BC possible and it makes it possible to emulate many OSs. It's a VM running the 360 OS. It could probably run the PS3 OS too.

donthate2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

The architecture of the PS4 OS doesn't lend itself well to emulating the same way MS is doing it. People complained about how MS is virtualizing their OS into three and how it would be inefficient, but this is the fruit of that labor. It has also resulted in a rock solid and stable OS.

Let say Sony finds a way to run the emulator, it still has to contend with the PS3's architecture that we will just call "difficult".

Frankly, I do not think Sony has the expertise (even an update to the PS4 dashboard is exceedingly slow to release), but on top of that it wouldn't fit into their business model with PS Now.

Gazondaily2787d ago

I don't think it will have the big marketing appeal people think it will. Its definitely a great feature but after two years, as this gen hits its stride, last gen will becoming increasingly less important.

Not saying its irrelevant now mind you; I have a FAT back catalogue and the way MS have executed bc in things like Rare Replay is so impressive. Seriously, I was shocked by how well they did it. Its really weird seeing an xbox 360 ui within your xbox one and one that runs super fast.

It's the beauty of competition. Kudos to MS for whipping this out of nowhere.

Death2787d ago

I'm not sure I agree on the thought that being two years in hurts the appeal. If there are indeed 60-70 million 360 owners that didn't make the jump, the ability to play your existing games and trade in your old console is a great marketing move to retain customers. It's far too early to tell what impact this will make to increase sales, but for now I know I am very happy with b/c on the Xbox One.

gangsta_red2787d ago

I don't think a lot of people see it as marketing appeal as such but just another bullet point to add to all the other features the Xbox One is currently sporting.

The overall package is where the marketing appeal is going to come in, BC is just the cherry on top.

avengers19782787d ago

There are not 60-70 million 360 owners....

ger23962787d ago

Your right, if they had announced this day one, they would probably have been in the lead right now.

dcbronco2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I don't think the desire for BC will die down. It did in the past because there was such a huge difference between console generations. While there is a difference now it doesn't make last generation look so bad it became unplayable. Some of those games will look years from now. Last generation was the start of the point where we approach the uncanny valley. As we cross it, the games that were just short will still have value.

What might make them less playable will be a change in mechanics like what we see with Crackdown mp. Once that hits offline single player, the mechanics change drastically. And that will start next generation.

Christopher2787d ago

I disagree. I completely see the marketing appeal. You're telling gamers "But wait! For $60, you're not getting just one game, but two or more!" Heck, I've seen that marketing appeal already shouted to the rooftops on N4G here. During the Holiday season when parents are looking to get the most for their buck? It will steal the show.

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holysmokesbatman2787d ago

I've been playing Shadow Complex on my xb1 and loving it, never had it on 360, BC FTW!

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GNCFLYER2787d ago

Lmao. I was th8nking the same.

PlayableGamez2787d ago

Loving this feature... Just got done playing some Kameo... It's a great feature to have if you missed out on some Xbox 360 titles last gen.

lemoncake2787d ago

Last gen games were so loved people are still willing to go out today and buy overpriced ports of them for the new gen, says it all.

Saijahn2787d ago

Exactly, they'll hate BC but purchase a remaster when that money can go towards a new game. But to each their own. We're getting closer to holiday season so the more money I can use on new games by saving with BC the better.

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