Review: INK (DarkZero)

Thomas McDermott: "INK is a deceptively simple game. Five seconds with a controller in your hands, and you'll understand everything needed to succeed. You are a white square. The world which you occupy initially seems to lack any form or function, with complete and utter darkness strewn out before you. There are platforms out there, you just cannot see them yet. If you move you leave a trail of paint. You can jump, and you can also double jump too. Double jumping causes the square-with-no-name to splash out ink in all directions. Everytime the square touches a surface, be it vertical or horizontal, the double jump is recharged. If the expelled ink hits an object, it will splatter it with paint, making it visible. With enough movement and splashy jumps players can fill up what was once an empty world with a neon rainbow of colours, literally highlighting the correct way through a level, thus helping the square safely reach the end goal."

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