Will Dead Space Ever Have Its Catalyst?

"I wouldn’t be surprised to learn some kind of project has been in progress all this time, and wouldn’t bet against it. But I do wonder if the reaction to Dead Space 3, and subsequent naught-but-cricket-song among game players, has been somewhat of a blunderbuss shot to EA, and one which still has them trying to orientate themselves and gather their wits."

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ArchangelMike1173d ago

What EA/Visceral need to do is make a Dead Space VR game. Something along the lines of DeadSpace Extraction. That would revitalise the series, while at the same time being a boost for VR.

DarkOcelet1173d ago

I don't think so. An FPS Dead Space experience is not half as good as TPS experience.

ArchangelMike1173d ago

I have to disagree with you there. A FPS VR game is much more immersive than a TPS VR game - anyday allday.
It sounds like you never played Dead Space Extraction then, if you had then you would know immediately what I'm talking about.

DarkOcelet1173d ago

I am talking gameplay wise. Extraction doesn't hold a candle against the trilogy's gameplay.

spacedelete1173d ago

no. VR is just a gimmick. we need a fully fledged Dead Space game that is similar to the first two games.

morganfell1172d ago

No. People cried about the second game. And the 3rd. And if you gave them a title just like the first one they would scream it didn't innovate.

I love the DS series. I own and played Extraction on the PS3 and it is a great experience. Taking that along with playing Alien Isolation I can positively say a DS title in first person would be heartstopping.

Antifan1172d ago

Glad you're back down to one bubble. Congrats

SaveFerris1172d ago

Dead Space VR game? Fetch me the brown trousers!

morganfell1172d ago

You are on the money Mike. Alien Isolation shows a first person DS would be gut wrenching and well worth it.

playtimewilltell1172d ago

First person could be very interesting. Don't you guys think Visceral might be accused of aping Isolation's success (critically that is) though?

Extraction was quite good, however, even though it was an on rails light-gun experience. It managed to feel as much like a Dead Space game as the main series, so I could be swayed by the idea of a first person mainline game, I think, although I have to admit I think I'd still like third person more, given how much of the series' elegance comes from that vantage (the HUD being on Isaac's suit rather than littered directly on the screen is brilliant and still something I think any game with armoured protagonists should think of stealing.)

Thanks for all your comments!

ArchangelMike1172d ago


I absolutely loved Alien Isolation (even though it overstayed it's welcome by the end). But the one thing everybody said who played it was, "please let this come to Occulus and Morpheus." It would be an instant system seller.

I think the same can be said for a Dead Space Extraction type game (without being on-rails obviously).

morganfell1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

The fact you can put this on OR was a no brainer for me - it only requires some minor changes :

This is actually the sole reason I purchased the PC version though I already had the game and all DLC on the PS4. I still really hope to see it adapted for Morpheus.

I could only imagine playing DS in first person mode.

Rhezin1172d ago

Extraction was crap compared to the first two Dead Space games. I'd rather see a DS 4 return to form like DS 1.

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DarkOcelet1173d ago

Without Steve Papoutsis. My hype for another Dead Space is low. Even if Amy Hennig handled the game. It would be very different for his vision.