Mad Max PS4 hands-on: Do not sleep on this game, even with The Phantom Pain - Examiner

Avalanche Studios has been working on Mad Max for years and now that we are only a matter of weeks away from the game's Sept. 1 launch date, things are shaping up extremely well for the open-world action game. Originally revealed during Sony's E3 2013 press conference, Mad Max takes the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max and drives players into a new, untold, undiscovered universe.

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DEEBO1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

It looks fun but if i had to pick my choice is MGS5.

I will mad max use or on black Friday.

the_dark_one1169d ago

it could even be a better game then MGS5( which realistically and nearly 100% i doubt, but never say nerver) any game coming when MGS comes out is dead on arrival to me,not saying in the future dont want to test it out, but i can only play so many games at one given time

_-EDMIX-_1169d ago

MGSV is eating any game alive that month, period.

Mad Max as a great concept and I'm a huge fan of the films! I'll get the game likely next year, its just unproven, very new against one of the best series in gaming history.

Will get it, but Fallout 4 is my wastelandly game and MGSV is a day 1, no questions asked, forget about it, not even close, not even if you gave it to me FOR FREE, MGSV would still get 2 or even 3 playthroughs before even opening the package to Mad Max.

Nothing against Mad Max, but MGS release is like some sort of holiday for many gamers.

joab7771169d ago

I doubt it's better, bit a high quality open world post apocalyptic game w/ driving and hand to hand combat is always great!!

Damn...all these open world!

rdgneoz31169d ago

@_-EDMIX-_ yep, MGS is going to crush everything that month. People may hate Konami, but it's going to be Kojima's last MGS game (and last true MGS game). What they've shown of the MP and FOB 1v1 looks like it'll add a ton of length to the game (looting and pillaging friend's FOBs).

Mad Max will be a sleeper hit like Shadow of Mordor was. It might not be an all new concept (the hand to hand combat is very similar to Batman), but from what they've shown it just does it well and the Mad Max universe justice.

BellePelouse1169d ago

I have it on preorder allready on G2A, is was almost 50% off allready, I cant wait to play but still MGS5 is would be my choise if i had to choose

The7Reaper1169d ago

I was gonna skip The Phantom Pain anyway Lol I never really gotten into the series I've tried but not fan but can't wait to see the wave of disagrees I get for my opinion. Lol

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Adexus1169d ago

I'm buying Phantom Pain but I'm way more excited for Mad Max actually.

Turkeyman071169d ago

I've pre-ordered both. Of course, MGS V:TPP takes priority, but, I'm such a huge fan of all four Mad Max movies, I just can't nor wont pass up the opportunity to play as Max and play in that wonderful universe. The Phantom Pain will def. outsell Mad Max, and most likely blow it out of the water with award nominations and wins but Mad Max will do OK I think

Germany71169d ago

Mad Max looks awesome, but sadly it's coming on the same day of Metal Gear Solid. I will try to buy the game this year though.

Baka-akaB1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Nope ... but i wont be able to pick many titles in september , so there is no way i'd favor this over MGS5 ... and i wont have time to squeeze for Mad Max till at least summer 2016 ... and by then i'll want other titles more

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