Squid Hero for Kinect Review - TXH

Neil writes "There’s a new hero in town…and this one comes with long grabby arms and three hearts. But does Squid Hero for Kinect warrant a purchase or is it just another one of those motion controlled titles that you’ll play for five minutes before settling back down with a proper game that utilises a standard controller?"

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oKidUKo1796d ago

If it could've worked better in multiplayer I'd have gotten this for when young family members pop by. Shame.

Angeljuice1796d ago

Lol, I'm sorry but is this the best that MS can do with the technology that was designed into the XBOne DNA?

You'd think that they'd have released one decent kinect title by now if they were making such a fuss about it at launch.

OK, they dropped the mandatory requirement but surely they must have had some amazing software waiting in the wings to show off how fantastic the tech is? No?

Thank goodness they weren't able to con all those millions of XBone owners that the system required this piece of crap.

Immorals1796d ago

Fantasia is a great Kinect game.

thepatientgamer1796d ago

The Splatoon ripoffs begin!