Microsoft’s gamescom 2015 Press Conference Impressions

PSLS - With gamescom going on right now and Microsoft having had their briefing already, Daily Reaction is taking some of the biggest announcements from the event and giving their impressions on what this could mean for PlayStation gamers and the industry as a whole. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the presentation, you can watch it here.

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Wedge191803d ago

It was a good show, but nothing crazy. Seemed like an HD remaster of E3 basically.

Rookie_Monster1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )


But as we have seen, when MS remaster games, they tend to go above and beyond and give tons of value and extra to its fans. It is like we are only expecting Gears 1 Remaster, instead we get 4 other games with it. This is what this Gamescom conference felt like.

phantomxll1803d ago

If a Playstation centric Fanboy site is saying it's good then you better believe it was amazing lol.
You can't tell by reading the article that they didn't want to admit how awesome it was. They under played everything, but still said it was a good conference.

StrayaKNT1803d ago


That was my impression the whole time.
Quantum break started it off looking incredible and then everything else just carried the hype and kept getting better and better.

strickers1803d ago

Some people are certainly carrying the hype all right. Not based on what I've seen though, just noise around games that don't deserve it, it didn't have it last gen.

StrayaKNT1803d ago

Actually crackdown and quantum break look like the most next gen games on any console at the moment in my opinion.

strickers1802d ago

Bollocks. You know nothing Jon Snow.

Rookie_Monster1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

You can tell these 2 are total Sony boys when they try to downplay ever MS games in the article. Why even write an article about Xbox when objectivity is thrown out of the window?

Couple of inserts from the article tell you all you need to know about the this whole opinion pieces.

Dan: "Oh, andForza 6 looks like more Forza, but still not as pretty as DriveClub."

Chandler: "Racing games do basically nothing for me, but I don’t feel like Forza 6 can quite keep up withDriveClub or the next Gran Turismo, whenever we see that."

strickers1803d ago

But as I said above, the level of hype for some of these games being generated, is well above their stature, and in some cases, the level of demo footage shown.
Especially the system seller status of many of them

jb2271802d ago

What's this "objectivity" you speak of? Forza isn't graphically on par w/ DriveClub, that much seems to be unchallenged. Gran Turismo is a bigger franchise than Forza, that much is also unchallenged. Those are facts, the only thing that is a little sketchy is saying that Forza can't keep up w/ DriveClub when it hasn't been released yet to prove itself. I'm sure it'll be cool if you are a racing person.