Koei's Fatal Inertia Site Goes Live

The japanese web site for Koei's Fatal Inertia is now live. Fatal Intertia is scheduled for release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the beginning of 2007.

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Gears4325d ago

The 360 must be easy to develop for since they just announced it for the 360 and it will be ready to ship in a couple of months.

Tut4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Possibly, but I doubt they JUST started working on it. If anything they have had this planned for a long time. Or maybe it is insanely easy to port from PS3 to the 360. Or maybe it is ridiculously easy to develop for. Who knows. There are a lot of possibilities, but that one is near the bottom of the list that make the most sense to me.

P.S. Those huge semi-transparent ads are so annoying. Die in a fire please.

Gears4325d ago

It could be any of those, I was just curious how they could pull it off so fast. I guess ports from the PS3 to the 360 are easier than from 360 to the PS3.

Tut4325d ago

Yeah nothing really bad. If they do port it I hope it doesn't lose any quality. If it doesn't and it actually is a port then I think a lot of companies that produce multi-platform will probably stick with PS3 programming and port to 360 with any multi-platform. That would probabaly save them a lot of time and money and ultimately give us all better games. Win-win.

I am curious as to how they made it for the 360 though, whether it was from scratch or ported. That would shed some light on things. I am leaning towards what Dlacy13g said.

power of Green 4325d ago

PS3 ports will not improve quality of the 360 version vs if built on 360 and ported to the PS3. No dev is doing that, this is the first if true. I wouldn't want a bunch of PS3 ports when it lacks graphical capabilities.

Tut4325d ago

power, if the devs gain time because they don't have to worry about difficult porting then that gives them the chance to make things better in a lot of different ways. If it is in fact easier to port from PS3 to 360 than vice-versa and would make sense from a business standpoint you bet your rear everyone and their uncle is going to do so. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that companies would spend more money and do something that is unecessary if there is an easier way that might give them even better perks of more dev time and faster release times on games.

Even if you don't want PS3 ports because of its lacking graphical capabilities, that doesn't mean that companies won't embrace the PS3 as the foundation and simply juice it up after port if the 360 is a graphical powerhouse. I can almost guarantee they care nothing about your opinion on that matter as long as they are creating good games for everyone and making money.

I don't see why you are so negative about this, especially since it is just a theory that we were discussing and not something someone said as a set-in-stone decree.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4325d ago

Please quit with all the Bickering, must you challenge every comment made?

Tut4325d ago

Hahahaha. If you have a problem with my posts then simply skip them. I did not ask you to take the time to read what I wrote, that was your decision. I do not see how in any way I was bickering, though.

I am pretty sure the conversation was going perfectly fine with very minimal bickering. Actually, you are bickering by posting that I am apparently bickering, which is comical in its own.

The conversation was going fine when it was just Dlacy13g, Gears, and I. I have a feeling you automatically read everything in a negative tone, and if that is the case it is again not my problem nor fault. Simply stop reading my posts or responding to them if you dislike them. That is the kindest advice I can give.


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Dlacy13g4325d ago

its much more plausible that this has been in development for some time and was held off in terms of announcement until now.

If this is a rushed port then....well I am thinking it will be more rubish than polish.

MicroGamer4325d ago

going to be a PS3 exclusive. I guess seeing all the 360's out there and how PS3 deliveries are too little, too late changed their minds. Now if they'll just give us the next Dynasty Warriors on the same day it comes out for PS3.

UrbanJabroni4325d ago

I honestly believe the _vast_ majority of devs are building their games for both systems. With the number one cost of a game being the art assets, it makes little sense _not_ to port.

I imagine that we hear of "exclusives" only while devs hope that Sony or MS will pony up extra cash for first party release.

General4325d ago

The 360 Sign makes the Site look way better wouldn't you say.

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