Podcast Unlocked 206: Xbox Just Killed it at Gamescom


"After Xbox's killer Gamescom, we just couldn't wait until Wednesday to do our next show. So here we are, talking about everything from Gamescom, including Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Quantum Break, Homefront: The Revolution, the Halo 5 Xbox One console, new [email protected] games, strange Destiny news, Xbox One TV DVR functionality, and Xbox One's downright ridiculous 2016 lineup!"

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masterfox1797d ago

Well there was no Sony around and also not Nintendo, sooooo it would it be bad if MS doesn't win that one :D

BlackPanther1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I don't think that it mattered if Sony or Nintendo had conferences or not.

Even if they did that wouldn't make MS conference any worse if they did. It was just a good solid conference.

christocolus1796d ago

Well said. Just ignore the guy.

Gazondaily1796d ago

Yeah some close minded people don't see it like that. Sad really but we know how toxic that contingent can be

Rookie_Monster1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Make no difference as you can't downgrade what MS did regardless of what the others are doing or not doing.

The show was "Superb" and many people already agreed. I mean showing gameplay demo of two never before seen games in action in Scalebound and Crackdown, with the latter demoing that the cloud is indeed real. QB show an expanded gameplay and it look spectacular. More gameplay reveal of Tomb Raider and a gimp of the intense MP gameplay of Halo 5 all look excellent.

World premier of Dark Souls 3, Just Cause 3, and the surprising Home front are great reveals.

News of many publishers signing up to enable their BC games and all X360 gold games are BC from now on are really great news.
Halo Wars was a shocking reveal and one that many fans were hoping would be made.


jb2271795d ago

Scalebound was a good meaty gameplay but Crackdown was a little lacking, small trailer, and the cloud driven aspects won't be proven until release. QB was a very brief trailer w/ a couple gameplay spots, but far from expansive.

Not sure on Dark Souls, may be the first look at gameplay but not a "world premier" of the title as its already announced, Just Cause 3 has already shown off extensive gameplay prior to the Gamescom showing. Halo Wars wasn't that shocking as its been heavily rumored for going on a year now.

May be a perfect show for you, but there were some parts that dragged like the Win10 segment, so its hard for me to see a perfect score there for my tastes. Not enough new stuff actually revealed, and its getting pretty old waiting so long on actual gameplay after having cg trailers out for a year or two on these games. Hard for anything to live up to a solid year's worth of hype, bad strategy in my opinion.

StrayaKNT1797d ago

Xbox went hard. 2015 and 2016 are looking brilliant so far. Scalebound, Quantum break, crackdown, gears 4 damn I don't even know which game I'm hyped for the most.

Mr-Dude1797d ago

Well, one thing is for sure. Next year, whatever your platform choice is, it's going to be a expensive year ^^

ninsigma1796d ago

I don't understand these "they killed it" articles. Don't get me wrong, by no means did they have a bad conference, it was quite good, but I didn't see anything to suggest they killed it. Most of the stuff was gameplay of games we already knew existed. That's awesome but there were no big surprises or anything like that. Just some gameplay, couple new announcements (no bomb shells) and some new hardware (halo controllers and console). I'm sure there's a few other things I missed but really it was a good conference and that's it. These articles seem to be blowing it up to epic proportions.

Mr Logic1796d ago

The only unexpected announcement was Halo Wars 2 right? Even so Phil Spencer already hinted at an RTS game coming.

ninsigma1796d ago

That and something else, can't remember what it was though. I really liked the halo controllers though and I want them both. If the halo console comes over to Ireland I may consider trading in the one I have for it depending on how much I get off it. Have the 3ds xl lying around as well cuz I got the new one on the weekend, that could help too!

RiseofScorpio1796d ago

We still don't know what in house RTS MS is building. HW2 is being built by the Creative Assembly.

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starchild1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

That's how I felt about Sony's E3 showing as well. I already knew Uncharted 3, Horizon, The Last Guardian and Dreams were coming. None of those were really surprises for me. Shenmue 3 and Final Fantasy VII remake were surprises but I'll be playing them on my PC, so they're not anything that makes me excited about my PS4.

The point I'm making is that I think it's absurd to act like surprises are what matter the most. If that's the case Sony's E3 was a complete failure for me. But I don't believe that. The purpose of these gaming confrences for the platform holders is to get us excited about their consoles. They can do that by showing new footage of anticipated games, announcing new games, showing the first gameplay footage of games that were previously announced only by name or with CGI trailers, make announcements related to console features, etc.

ninsigma1796d ago

Except no one knew about dreams, we didn't know horizon wa's coming and all we knew about it was one picture leaked on the Web. Tlg we knew about but didn't know if it was coming up.

I didn't say it was all about surprises but needless to say they make thesense conferences much more exciting. And I did say that it's awesome to finally have those game play videos but none of them were crazy good. Uc4 like you said we knew was coming, but that game play trailer was just crazy!

Like I said before, they had a good show. It was great for people to see the game play and get excited for them and to see more of the features but at the same time it wasn't "Omg the killed it!". It was a solid show but articles (and some commenters) are acting as if it was something special. It wasn't.

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