If Xbox One Doesn't Gain Ground On PS4 This Fall, It Never Will

We’ve still got another month before the annual software slugfest begins in earnest this fall, but already it’s shaping up to be a very significant season for this console generation. In fact, from now until the end of 2015 is the Xbox One’s best chance to gain ground on the PS4 that we’ve seen to date. It may be the best chance it ever has.

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TheGreatGamer2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

With the Xbox's line-up of heavy hitters this fall combined with a comparatively weaker line-up for ps4, Xbox should be able to gain some serious ground this fall but while we all know it won't catch up to ps4's worldwide sales, NA is certainly a possibility (sometime in the future)

SpaceRanger2139d ago

Weak line up? So none of the games that have come out through the year count or aren't available during the holidays? If anything most of those games will be discounted or bundled which will attract people to buy it just as much as they'll be attracted to by the Xbox one.

I think the Xbox One will sell. But nowhere near what's needed to "gain any ground". Why? Because the PS4 is still available. It's not like it just disappears during the holidays while MS over saturates the console market by blowing it's load in games. The goal posts will be moved once again this holiday...

morganfell2139d ago

The biggest two titles this year, though multiplatform, are locked to Sony for marketing. One of those two titles is also tied to the biggest movie of the year and will be the top selling theme this Christmas.

star_lancer2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

"So none of the games that have come out through the year count or aren't available during the holidays?"

"MS over saturates the console market by blowing it's load in games"

Talk about moving the goalposts. All I hear is how MS puts out all of it's big games at the end of the year, and nothing during the first half. Well, can't a person buy Halo 5 on launch day, then wait until January, February or March to buy Forza & Tomb Raider? Won't MS's holiday games also still be available next year?

@Morgan - those games will be available day one on Xbox One, unless of course you think Sony is going to try to fool people into believing that Star Wars & COD are PS4 exclusives. After all, that's what MS was accused of doing last generation.

n4rc2139d ago

Love how you guys flip flop.. And always talk about moving goal posts when doing exactly that.

So ps4s games should carry them through the holidays (I agree BTW) but ms focuses on holidays and the same people pretend those games stop existing a few months later..

nitus102138d ago

The interesting thing in bringing out games throughout year is that you get new games sales at premium prices when the game is released. When the holiday season comes around those now older games can be discounted and/or used in bundles to sell consoles which in turn maximises profits.

Bring out new releases during the holiday season and there is a very good chance the developer will not maximise profits and if used as part of a bundle I hope the console vendor provides compensation.

Admittedly after the holiday season the game will still be available but now it would be classified as an older game.

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showtimefolks2139d ago

the gamer

brother Sony is playing the Microsoft game basically. get huge 3rd party games aligned with your console than advertise the heck out of them

when advertisements play on TV this fall for mgs 5, call of duty, destiny taken king and star wars at the end all of them will have PS4 logo. this may not make a difference to us gamers but it makes a huge difference to casuals and parents. most casuals buy what they see on TV. and the word exclusive content or early dlc means more to them than us

batman ps4 bundle did really well
mgs 5 ps4 bundle will do very well too

Sony is doing a destiny taken king bundle which should move some consoles

Sony will lost probably do a star wars bundle and it will do gangbusters. I believe after fallout that star wars will be the biggest launch of fall 2015. yes more than halo 5, tomb raider, mgs 5, destiny taken king etc,

Sony could also do a call of duty bundle

yes these are too many bundles but these will help move hardware along with software. Sony expects to sell 11 million ps4's in next 9 months to get to 36.3 million plus by March 31st 2016. so they must have a plan right

halo is a huge ip but did you know it peaked with halo 3? right now Xbox one install base is over 13 million so how much could halo 5 sell? 6 to 9 million?

forza has never been a huge seller or system seller

this next one will be very interesting to see

tomb raider vs uncharted collection. I would seriously won't be surprised if uncharted collection actually sells neck and neck with tomb raider

plus Sony had all those elusive marketing deals. I can see Sony selling neck and neck in North America and outselling for sure world wide

WellyUK2138d ago

Yep it's just flipped around this time where it's the PS4 logo on every advert rather than the xbox 360 logo on every advert last gen. It makes a big difference as people who don't look into stuff just see the adverts. Sony this year are also just focusing on having great bundles which is what MS were doing last gen and aligning themselves with big third party titles this gen which was what MS were doing last gen as well. Makes a big difference in sales.

_-EDMIX-_2139d ago

@The Great Gamer- When did the fall ever determine a gamers WHOLE YEAR? The reality is, gamers game all year, are you not gaming right now?

MS has always had heavy hitters in fall, this is nothing new, Heavy Rain and God OF War III came out in spring 2010, God OF War Ascension came out in spring, The Last Of Us came out in summer and many, many more. Who "wins" fall matters not, who has the most exclusives OVER ALL sorta does.

MS has done the fall thing all of last gen with its big releases ala Halo.

Did the fall win them that gen?

So....why would just the fall win them this gen? Do gamers just stop gaming until 3 months out of the year?

I'm sorry but one can't just pant a picture of the WHOLE YEAR with 3 months because MS wants to release all their games in 3 months.

Sony sold more then MS last gen releasing titles all year, they are selling the best this gen releasing titles all year..

How do you gain ground on a console by not releasing titles most of the year? I mean...where did Sony state they are not making games? lol

mrbojingles2139d ago

If Sony cuts PS4 price at Paris Games Week to $299, say good bye. Just bought an XB1 again and I'm looking forward to the new UI, but if Sony acts like PS2-era Sony then Xbox doesn't stand a chance in the US in terms of hardware sales.

lelo2play2139d ago

If Sony cuts the price of the PS4, Microsoft will cut the price of the X1... and Sony knows that.

If Microsoft cuts the price of the X1, Sony will cut the price of the PS4... and Microsoft knows that.

I don't think we'll see any price cut this holiday season.

twiggytree122139d ago

"If Microsoft cuts the price of the X1, Sony will cut the price of the PS4... and Microsoft knows that."

I disagree.
Microsoft has cut the price, yet sony hasn't.

theFAYEsorceress2139d ago

ms has already cut the price and sony hasn't... if they cut the price on the ps4, sales will increase that much more.

Christopher2139d ago

Microsoft really can't cut the price more than they have. They've had some ridiculous bundles where they were obviously either breaking even or losing money in the long run and relying on making that money back on potential game sales in the future with that sale.

MS isn't in a position to just keep cutting price. They're already scraping the bottom of the barrel for the deals they can make. We'll see similar at Christmas time, but they will not be reducing the price I do not think.

22CobraKing2139d ago

Microsoft can't cut the price again, with another price cut they will be selling at a loss. Maybe cut price for when a slim Xbox comes out. Congrats Sony.

star_lancer2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

@those above who don't know math:

MS has NOT cut the price yet. They took a $500 console, unbundled a $150 accessory, and now sells it for $350. Those of us who know math can see it's not a price cut.

A price cut is when you get the SAME PACKAGE for a lower price. The Xbox One with Kinect launched at $499. It's STILL $499. The Xbox One without Kinect launched at $349. It's STILL $349.

@christopher - " They're already scraping the bottom of the barrel for the deals they can make"

What a ridiculous comment. Sony has had much bigger bundle offers than MS. How about giving away "Batman Arkham Knight" on day one? Name an MS bundle as big as that one.

lelo2play2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Well, in Europe, Microsoft hasn't cut the price of the X1. Officially X1 is still 400€. Officially X1 with Kinect is still 500€... and officially Sony's PS4 is still 400€.

Yes, we can get a X1/game bundle for 400€, but we also can get a PS4/game bundle for 400€... if we look hard enough we can even get both consoles below the official 400€.

BTW, PS4 and X1 are almost 2 years old, so those consoles should be 300€ by now.

LamerTamer2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )


When they removed Kinect the price was $399 not $349. They then CUT the price to $349 with a bunch of free games for the holidays then briefly raised it back to $399 after the holidays. When they did sales tanked so they brought it permanently to $349.

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lemoncake2139d ago

The GDDR5 inside the ps4 is still very expensive, don't expect a cut anytime soon.

PSN_ZeroOnyx2138d ago

Don't be so sure about that. Individually expensive, but Sony is buying in bulk which brings the price down. The PS4 is in very high demand which will give Sony leverage to get even lower prices on larger orders.

Christopher2139d ago

$299 sounds unreasonable. Maybe a $50 cut, but I'm not sure they can do a $299. Sony is still relying solely on the profit of their gaming division to improve it. They can't afford to not make as much profit as possible.

KwietStorm_BLM2139d ago

Game sales, not console profits.

Christopher2139d ago

"Game sales, not console profits."

You do realize that is already taken into account with the current price of the console, right?

joeorc2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Not quite correct, while playstation is a big section in of itself its not even in the top three for Sony!

You do know that PlayStation is ranked only the 5th largest of its profit generating subsidies that Sony has that Sony has..Soon to be most likely the 6th due to the the now Worlds smallest TV tuner chip Soc that Sony is selling to other companies that make smartphones just like their camera cmos sensor's!

So no, Sony is not just relying on playstation, as a matter of fact Playstation is a held Subsidiary wholly owned, but also that its stock is not a public buy in even if you buy stock into the parent company of Sony, for one its a LLC so it operations are pretty self contained, that's why is not a part of a divisional section of Sony like Microsoft's Xbox is for Microsoft. They are not structured the same for each of the company's held assets.

For.instance SCEj has subsidiaries under it that are not directly controlled by the parent, its held it its a subsidiary of the LLC not the parent Company. That's why you cannot swoop in and just buy out the PlayStation section of Sony , it's also why Sony computer entertainment does not have tons of funds from Sony at its beck n call also, why do you think it take longer to get things done over at Sony computer entertainment vs with Microsoft.

SCEA,SCEE etc are run as subsidiaries not as a divisions of Sony.

Look at the corporate structure of each companies corpus.

I hope that helps @christopher again how So?
That does not take away from the fact Sonybhas invested already into further die shrinks, on top of that the PS4 since day 1 is @ profit , not just on a hardware level butbalso software level, so how much SCEJ can cut off the price we do not know, but what we do know is the SOC package is a 3D stacked TSV, which means they can most likely drop the price without bottoming out the profits.

There is a very good reason why Mark Cerney was given the chance and with Scott Rhode, and yoshida they made sure the problems of budget constraints was followed very closely, but on the same token having 1,2nd and 3rd party developers involved in the process made sure the system turned out the way it did.

Again, just because its ran as a subsidiary does not mean they do not have enough money to drive sales cuts when the system was already generating profit and die shrinks are already on the way!

Christopher2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

***SCEA,SCEE etc are run as subsidiaries not as a divisions of Sony.

You just proved my point exactly...

Christopher2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

The topic I made was about taking money from other divisions to fuel loss in the PS4 division.

***Again, just because its ran as a subsidiary does not mean they do not have enough money to drive sales cuts when the system was already generating profit and die shrinks are already on the way!***

My comment said specifically that loss in cost would take directly from the gaming division (which includes the subsidiaries). While attempting to put money to maintain their lead, improve software, improve network, and so on, all of these come out of profits in order to drive revenue and potentially more profits.

But, cutting profits on hardware only forces them to rely more on the profits of software and similar divisions. It makes zero sense to suddenly take a loss on hardware of that magnitude when it is unlikely that they are not already utilizing their overall division profits to increase more revenue stream as it is.

Edit: I'll gladly eat my own words if they do a price drop to $299 this Holiday rather than just doing game bundle deals or dropping it to $349 with a single game.

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Cupid_Viper_32139d ago

Umm... The Xbox One will NOT make up any grounds agaisnt the PS4 this fall. Sony has already sold 7 million PS4s so far this year, compare to 2.5 million XBox Ones (approximate numbers). Meaning that Sony has already sold more PS4s than Microsoft will Sell XBox Ones this year, assuming Microsoft can sell 4.5 million XBox Ones between now and December 31st.

Secondly, I'm confident that bat sony will give the PS4 an official price drop of $50, and ummm...there may be shortages of PS4s this holiday season.

KiwiViper852139d ago

How many people do you think are waiting for the PS4 to drop $50?

Christopher2139d ago

People don't know what they want until marketing tells them they want it.

Relientk772139d ago

The gap is only going to widen. No one is gonna catch up to the PS4 sales