Xbox One Preview Members UI Update Release Month

With a tweet from Mike Ybarra it looks like Xbox One Preview Members may be receiving the November 2015 UI Update earlier then expected.

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crazychris41241803d ago

Looks like new UI will be available for everyone in October. Cant wait cuz the current one is too slow.

KiwiViper851803d ago

Its kinda like turning your console on for the first time, all over again.

Can't wait.

CerebralAssassin1803d ago

Man I loved the updates the 360 did. It really felt like a new console every time they updated. Pretty nice feeling.

hello121803d ago

Current UI is sluggish because of the internal hardrive . When i plug my my external hardrive 2tb one in the dashboard everything is much faster and response is instant.

UnHoly_One1803d ago

That would make sense except you can't make any of the operating system run off of the External Drive.

I'm thinking your imagination has gotten the best of you.

tmh35931802d ago

Yea I have a 7200rpm hard drive and it is still very sluggish. That is my only downside to the Xbox one right now. Just can't wait for preview members to get the new UI.

BillmadeAGate1803d ago

Looks Epic can't wait to try it out!!!

TheGreatGamer1803d ago

Was hoping for a 'avaliable today for preview members' but September isn't that far off. Cannot wait to get this new dashboard, looks fast and sleek.

Godz Kastro1803d ago


Yeah I was thinking the same

RaTaTaT1803d ago

Can't wait to try this out. I like the look of the current UI but hate how slow and hard it is to do some stuff in game. To me it will be a nice trade off.

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