8 Minutes of Scalebound Gameplay Extended

See our exclusive first-ever gameplay footage of Xbox One's exclusive dragon-riding action title from renowned studio Platinum Games.

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3-4-51804d ago

This is going to be a late 2016/early 2017 release isn't it ?

breakpad1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

bizarre mash up ..but IMO it is the only appealing game from Xone library

Bansai1804d ago

looks much smoother than on the stream

DeadlyOreo1803d ago


It does, but the way the dude runs is just laughable. Apart from that it looks pretty decent.

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4Sh0w1804d ago

Dammyumm that loks cool as hell. I like it.

LonDonE1804d ago

Agreed and the graphics look great too! i like how it looks better then most expected after seeing the first cg trailer.

I trust platinum to nail the game play as usual, but i am loving the art/graphics to boot!

Cant wait to see more, platinum is so underated its border line criminal.

The x1 is just getting better and better! very happy as a every platform gamer.
Keep the heat up ms and keep giving us awesome games like this!

raWfodog1804d ago

I noticed at the end of the video when other players joined in, their characters and dragons looked vastly different from the main character/dragon. Does anyone know the details on whether you can customize your dragon and your personal character's appearance for co-op ONLY of if you can do it for the SP portion of the game as well?

AngelicIceDiamond1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

@Raw I made that prediction. But nobodies quite sure I personally think there is some level of customization in the game. I dunno if it goes as far as actual customization or simply player progression and you unlock different gear.

Hard to tell.

UnHoly_One1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Yes you can customize your dragon.


"You can even customize your winged pal: Choose your favorite dragon shape (winged serpent, four legged tank, and more), and then evolve your companion’s unique abilities and attacks, as well as its appearance."

aragon1804d ago

it looks really good , Ialso noticed its only prealpha footage, Im not worried about frame rate or visuals it looks good im only worried about the music shifting from one extreme to anotheras in the type of music.. Anyone understand me? the game lokks awesome but i think they need some gangster rock or some system of a down playing in the background lol

Veneno1804d ago

The music was nice but they need to take out the vocals. Very very very few games have been able to use music with vocals that is pleasing, MGS being the only great example. The vocals in this video sound douchey. But I suppose it fits the character lol.

aragon1804d ago

lol i got that douchey vibe too other than that i want scalebound

AngelicIceDiamond1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Does look nice. Regarding the other post on N4G showing off the stage demo and ppl were criticizing it.

It does say "Pre-Alpha Gameplay". And it doesn't release until "next fall". People acting like it was releasing next week or something.

Btw making it an Action RPG just makes everything deeper and way more rewarding. Instead of running through like a typical action game where you blow through it once and unlock everything, or most things through one gameplay. Means this game will have longevity to it and heres hping for 100+ hrs.

Also Means I can take my sweet time and lvling everything and I can take my rewards and leveling and play with friends online and seeing their dragons for the first time and take out big bosses.

MS needs JRPS though this is a JARPG, this and Recore its a start but at least MS is doing some effort.

jb2271803d ago

I seem to recall a vocal group talking about downgrades in UC4 & saying the game isn't that impressive even though it is also in pre-alpha, so it comes from all sides really. I'm of the mind to just wait until the game is in your system before we criticize it, especially in this day & age where downgrades and flat out lies run so rampant. Really getting to the point where its hard to trust anything devs show us, where I actually prefer to see frame drops & glitches in prerelease material as it shows a devs willingness to be honest about the current state of the game. I'm sure this one will be no different, it'll run rock solid when it releases like every other Platinum game...gotta look at developer pedigree for things like these.

Regarding Recore, has there been any word on what it actually is? This is the first I'm hearing that its a JRPG. CG trailers are a bummer, no way to tell what a game actually is, so they are never on my radar personally, might as well not have been announced yet.

Kal0psia1803d ago

Wait, this is an Action RPG?! I though this was only Action Adventure. Cool.

Magicite1804d ago

Gameplay gonna be amazing, because its Platinum Games, but this headphone dude already looks annoying.

Spid3r61803d ago

Kinda like Second Son dude, he was annoying as well.

1804d ago
showtimefolks1804d ago

looks interesting can't wait to see more, crackdown IMO stole the show. finally Microsoft is taking care of crackdown ip like a AAA game. so much potential, very very excited

BLizardXD1804d ago

Absolutely Beautiful. The artists went crazy with the beasts designs and animations in this. you can see Lots of creation pride in just a few minutes of this alpha.

Erik73571804d ago

Am I the only one who thought of "How to train your Dragon" during the beginning lol?

OverdosedWitDopeness1804d ago

I need to play this game. It looks great

ABizzel11803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Kind of disappointed, this was the game Iw as looking forward to the most from MS Gamescom.

The Good:

Graphically it's already a great looking game which is crazy this early. It's also a unique blend of styles Monster Hunter meets Hack n Slash meets Xenoblade (just the openness of it all). Multiplayer monster battles YA!!!!!

The bad:

It looks VERY rough especially combat. I know it's early and this is Platinum but goodness.

Kamiya complains about Mighty No 9 being a Megaman rip-off, then goes on to make Devil May Monster Hunter, starring XD

I'm keeping my eye on this, and hopefully the gameplay comes along since it has more than a year to go since this is my kind of game.

ABizzel11803d ago

Yet goes on to make a DMC / Monster Hunter hybrid, even with blood orbs from killing monsters. LMAO

Also 4 player co-op is amazing, didn't expect that.

Kal0psia1803d ago


What is the guys problem?

christocolus1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Kamiya, Sam lake, JP Kellams, Kudo Tsunoda and others doing a 3d jump.




lol. He looks really happy now. hit play on the photos to see him jump in

gangsta_red1803d ago

Is Kamiya happy with MS now or still pissed off?

sinspirit1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Definitely surprised.

The graphics are amazing and the gameplay looks nice.

Just don't like nonsense screenplay. Why would those knights even attempt to fight the dragon? I understand a noble knight won't flee, but at least give realistic feedback that you're about to die standing up. That aspect needs to be more believable.

Would much rather a more serious character. Seems to try too hard to be generic I Am Number Four, Chronicle, and Jumper type protagonist. Hopefully it's just the beginning in which he acts that silly on a battlefield. I want more serious games not more teenager-esque action flick games. That is just me. That however doesn't mean I think the game will be bad. It still looks quite good.

bigc0720041803d ago

We all remember what happened the last time a dragon game was released. *cough cough* LAIR *cough*

sinspirit1803d ago

Which is vastly different, highly over-judged for bad controls, and over-judged because others simply weren't used to sixaxis controls period. There is a hype train for positivity and negativity. Come off the wagon. My only concern for SC is how likeable the character is and how good the story is. The gameplay looks tight enough so far.

Loktai1803d ago


bigc0720041797d ago

@loktai lol I'm not an xbox fanboy bro. Just saying dragon games really don't ever work out. Hope fully this will be better.

LCEvans1803d ago Show
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nossred1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

An action RPG with open world, dragons has everything to be a success.

Xbox One keeps getting better and full of games and new functions.

Congratulations to Phil and the Xbox team.

Magicite1804d ago

Now just make all upcoming JRPGs appear on X1 and I might consider buying it.

WellyUK1803d ago

god no thanks these Japanese games need to get rid of these stupid numbers and crap all over the screen and actually make the combat something other than a button basher like most of them are, the only interesting ones are the Souls games and Metal gear games as they actually look appealing to western audiences.

Ricegum1804d ago

Why are you congratulating Xbox and Phil, when you should be complimenting Platinum Games?

My god what a douchey comment. Anyway, Scalebound looks fantastic, really my sort of game. Definitely looking to pick this up.

nossred1804d ago

Really forgotten, but not limited to Platinum Games but the the Hideki Kamiya and MS by investing in an optimal IP for the Xbox One.

spicelicka1803d ago

Looks amazingg except one little things.

I hope they give an option to remove the numbers flashing on the screen. I freakin hate that concept, why do all japanese games have that? It's so unnecessary and distracting. If they wanna show damage then can show that on the side of the damn screen.

OpieWinston1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

This demo looks much smoother. And shows how Epic Platinum games are when you're not just tapping light attacks over and over.

Character gives me my Devil May Cry feel and I love the music that plays.

christocolus1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I just noticed it too. This is definitely smoother than the other video. but remember this is pre-alpha footage, so the final product will definitely look and perform better.


Agreed. The animation definitely needs more work.

Gazondaily1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Needs some work on the frame rate (its Pre-Alpha after all) but the game looks ace!

OpieWinston1804d ago

Given that Platinum has never done Open World or a game as beautiful as this before the build was never expected to be 60 FPS, but Platinum is known for focusing on gameplay and with MS help they can squeeze the FPS to be a stable 30 by launch just in time for the Dragon hype train to come rolling through.

I mean seriously we may get another Skyrim hype train going. Who doesn't love Dragons?

Manic20141804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Yeah the demo on stage was live with Kamiya. I'm kinda guessing, but i think that was the reason for his outburst on twitter. MS probably wanted a recorded demo but Kamiya preferred live.

AngelicIceDiamond1804d ago

The game has a nostalgic feel to it when he was in the jungle hacking away at enemies. Like a PS2/ OG Xbox game. Just running around doing your own thing. I had that same feeling with SOD last year with its colors reminded me of the late 90's games.

I love that feeling of just having fun, wonder and aw with this games.

Day one buy for me I've been craving this sort of game for a while.

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christocolus1804d ago

Another awesome title from Platinum games,I dont know how i'm going to buy all these games in 2016. My wallet will die. lmao

christocolus1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

YES! Quantum Break. The animations are super cool.

FlexLuger1804d ago

Wow. love those gifs, fellas! man...2015 was already looking great..but all these 2016 games are looking amazing.

Satyre281804d ago

I literally cannot get over how good these games looked. Had no worried for QB because remedy are gods, and it just looked incredible as expected. Scalebound looks great, something unique and new to the Xbox platform, and I mean DRAGONs, seems like the combat is very diverse as well, looks awesome cant wait. Crackdown o baby baby, that destruction was insane, I have nothing else to say about it except anyone that doubted the cloud, the line for crow is open.

NeoGamer2321804d ago

Then, BAM!

Killer Instinct Season 3 and Halo Wars 2!

Satyre281804d ago

Amazing, I swear I had chills lol.