What Is Going On With Square Enix?

Sometimes we have to call it like we see and High Score Reviews has some things regarding Square-Enix that they need to get off their chest.

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Godmars2901807d ago

Oh that's simple enough to explain: they cray-cray. Have been since/before the Nova Crystallis announcements.

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1806d ago Replies(2)
smashman981806d ago

I feel like any impact this article would've had hinges on one quote. Nomura had no idea he was director. The problem with that is that the quote is being taken out of context, unintentionally i assume. He was told he was director months before we saw the teaser. because he saw the teaser months before we did

_-EDMIX-_1806d ago

Agreed. Mind you, FFVII was in development for 2 years now. They can find a director later on for a concept and a game that already exist.

Because its a remake, they have lots of material to work with, concept, art direction, story, characters etc.

RpgSama1806d ago

Square Enix right now is the best it has been in years, not since the ps2 generation have I looked forwards as many games by Square than now, I'm guessing a lot of it is a mix of really listening to consumers (sales), critics (reviews) and Yoichi Wada stepping down.

SegaGamer1806d ago

Yep, they seem to be returning to form. For us JRPG fans, this is amazing news.

SouljAx3601806d ago

I don't think there's anything wrong with remasters and remakes. Whether or not it's slowing down the production of FF15 I'm not sure. But FF15 has been in production for over 50 years, kind of tough to blame that kind of time frame on the recent remaster craze. I remember as a child in the early 90's, my father used to tell me "son, 30 some years ago Square Enix started working on FF 13 Versus, and that it may not come out today, may not come out tomorrow, but boy you better believe that it will come out in your lifetime." And now with the release of the demo, I have absolute faith that FF15 will be released sometime within the next 5 years.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1806d ago

I want to try whatever you're on.

MeteorPanda1806d ago

anyone else suspect that Tetsuya Nomura was pulling everyones leg with that quote?

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