Gears of War and Shadow Complex become available via backwards compatibility on Xbox One

Neil writes "Backwards compatibility has been a big thing in the Xbox world and today two more titles have been added to the list. Own either Gears of War or Shadow Complex? You’ll be in luck!"

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Iluvtrim1176d ago

Awesome. To hell with greatness awaits. I want that ish now. 😀 Bring on the games now. Games games games.

NukaCola1176d ago

Shadow Complex should get a sequel. I am such a sucker for MetroidVania games.

Dread1176d ago

Then you should check out Ori and the Blind Forest, if u havent already.

zarbor1176d ago

I wish Nintendo would give Metroid to someone who does excellent action RPGs.

hades071176d ago

Im with you, a huge metroidvania fan.

Like Dread said, try Ori, it is amazing. Some other games to play would be Gaucamelee and Dust: Any Elysian Tale if they make it backwards compatible. Both were previous games with gold offerings.

beans1176d ago

I'm going to check those games out,Thanks! Loved Shadow Complex and really hope they consider making a 2nd version.

hades071176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

You're welcome! Gaucamelee was free with Games with Gold on the one last summer, and Dust was free on the 360 a few months ago I think if you download the games each month.

I totally agree, Shadow Complex was one of my fav games on the 360.

NukaCola1176d ago

I played Guacamelee on Vita. That is one of the best indi games around.

I also recommend Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate on Vita or download it HD verion. Really good MetroidVania game. OUTLAST on 360/PS3 is also really cool MV style and takes a cool approach to the LIGHT/DARK factors with color and how it is used in puzzles/combat.

hades071176d ago


Cant believe I forgot to mention the both of those, thanks. Batman: Blackgate was great but the combat was annoying. Outlast was a beautiful game, quite artistic.

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4Sh0w1176d ago

Shaaaaadow Complex!....great addition right there.

Also we already knew that all the Gears belonging to Microsoft now meant it would be BC for sure but stuff like this proves the remaster isn't a lazy cash grab= good job, Phil is making all the right moves.

RedCloud881176d ago

Major Nelson just tweeted that buying gears ultimate edition will get you gears 1, 2, 3 & judgement through backwards compatibility

slate911176d ago

Hmmm so buying gears ue will allow me to play gears today being a preview member?

UnHoly_One1176d ago

They didn't really say when it would happen for preview members, just that they would be available when BC went live in the fall.

I'm guessing we might get early access, but still not until you can actually play the Ultimate Edition, as that is their requirement to give out the old games. You have to play it between launch and the end of the year and you get the old games for free.

CrowbaitBob1176d ago

Preview members have access to the 360 version of Gears of War now. BC was added today.

Team_Litt1176d ago

What??! No way! That is fantastic! I don't care if this gets spun as desperation, I like that we are getting more games for our money. I'll take games over er...sales? any day.

spicelicka1176d ago

How does BC work for download only games? Do we get a license transfer??

LightSamus1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Imagine your Xbone is your Xbox 360, that's literally all there is to it. No transferring, no mess - just download and play the game.

spicelicka1175d ago

Ah cool thanks!

thanks everyone

esemce1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

It also says that your purchased dlc and even save games will work from the 360 to the xbone, through the cloud save function and licence transfer whatever.

I would of liked a gears remaster trilogy but obviously they didn't have enough time to do them all before gears 4 so I will take this as a second best, thanks MS.

CrowbaitBob1176d ago

Why would you need a license transfer? Your purchases are tied to your Xbox Live account, not the console.

LexHazard791176d ago

I think so. I bought Mass Effect 1 and Geometry Wars on Xbox 360 and I was able to download them on my Xbox One. It was already in my library waiting to be ddl.

SuperStatePro1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

It makes your X1 into another 360 with the same serial number as far as BS is concerned. So whichever games you have on the 360 work on the X1 at the same time.

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Team_Litt1176d ago

This just goes to show that the remaster is not a cash grab taking advantage of the lack of BC.

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