Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Includes 4 Backward-Compatible Titles

WorthPlaying writes, "Even better, anyone who purchases a copy of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (digital or physical) and plays it before December 31, 2015, will be granted free digital copies of Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3 and Gears of War: Judgment.

All four of the games will unlock once BC officially launches on the Xbox One. This means you shouldn't expect to play them on August 25, but once BC rolls out to the general public, the four titles will automatically appear in your library, assuming you've played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition at least once."

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bunt-custardly1800d ago

Does the Gears of War offered through the Games With Gold work with this or is it purchased and disc only?

JeffGUNZ1800d ago

The Games with Gold will work.

4Sh0w1799d ago

Daaayum Microsoft is killin' the fan service deals.

Wikkid6661799d ago

All Gears titles will be backwards compatible, whether digital or disc based.

Gazondaily1799d ago

This came out of nowhere. Is the source legit? Has it been officially announced?

donthate1799d ago


This was confirmed via MS themselves:

The fanservice is just out of this world ridiculously awesome!!!

Gazondaily1799d ago


Ah nice! + bubs for that.

Now THAT is what I call fan service.

TMCC- 4 games, 5 if you played day one
Rare Replay
Now This.

MS need to keep the momentum going.

Hard to argue against the appeal of BC now.

t-hall7851799d ago

Good times for the X1 indeed. 2015 and 16 will be years to remember

Rookie_Monster1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Dang...that is why BC is so great. Instead of having to delete stuff like MP from a trilogy of games to make it out on time or worry about separating online players from one console to the next, BC allows MS to put all their focus of remaking the first Gears with new cinematic and textures and throw in 4 additional games for FREE while retaining online play on the same server as the X360 counterpart is a stroke of genius and ultimate fan service!

For those who thinks BC is not needed, well here you go. :)

Kudos to MS to continue adding so much content to their remasters. They are the one leading the charge of how remasters should be made and sold.

I mean come on, between this and the $30 for 30 rare games, how is that for bang for your bucks?!

starchild1799d ago

Wow, very nice deal. I wish we got these 4 games with the PC version. In any case, enjoy, Xbox gamers.

ABizzel11799d ago

That's a great deal, and a smart business move.

Doesn't really do much for me personally since I have all 4 and already beat them on 360, but it's enticing people to drop their 360 and trade it in for the XBO.

Good job MS.

XBLSkull1799d ago

$40 was a rip-off for this title after the greatness that is Master Chief Collection. I may actually consider buying this now that it comes with all the games.

vickers5001799d ago

Does anyone know if I'll be able to play backwards compatible games on xbox one online if I don't havr xbox live? I'm currently on the xbl sharing with my brother, he owns the account, so I can currently play xbone titles online because of it, but I'm pretty sure 360 does not havr that feature, so will I be able to play xbox one 360 bc titles online, or how is that going to work?

BeefCurtains1799d ago

Exciting news... I'm gonna be busy his winter.

RedDevils1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Kinda make me want to buy an X1, since I have hard time find a reason to buy one, but maybe this is the one

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Blaze9291800d ago

Microsoft just can't be stopped! This is amazing!

TheCommentator1799d ago

^ ^ ^

There's just so much wrong here I don't even know where to start. /smh

hades071800d ago

This is awesome news. Have all 4 xbox 360 games on disc but having them on my harddrive makes it much more convenient. With so much greatness on the One no wonder my wife feels neglected haha.

Kavorklestein1799d ago

My wife probably feels that way too sometimes lol.
Anywhoo, I'm a member of the preview program, and I am about 50% done downloading Gears 1 to my XB1.

It's for reals guys!

I shouldn't be this excited for this, but the BC dream is coming together piece by piece, one game at a time.

Last gen was such an awesome gen with so many great games, I'm glad to see this happening and to see the effort is real on Ms's part.

Thank you Microsoft, keep stuff like this up, and I see a huge surge in Sales this Holiday. (:

Kavorklestein1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Oops double post...
Preview program is the shiz!

ThePope1800d ago

The best part is other developers are doing the same thing. Man BC is just a huge deal for the X1.

-Foxtrot1799d ago ShowReplies(11)
Gotcha51799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Fo-Shizzle...that's 4 free games for playing a game...Now that's Straight Outta Compton. Hope they kick in all the map packs aswell.

Preview members get to play Gears 1 and Shadow Complex if you own the disc or download as of today.

SuperStatePro1799d ago

Shadow Complex! I bought it on 360 but never played! So it's going to show up on my X1 tonight??

gangsta_red1799d ago

This is why BC is so necessary.

vickers5001799d ago

Meh, I'd rather have remastered versions than backwards compatible versions. If I wanted to play the originals as they were with no improvements, I'd just play my original copies on 360. Backwards compatibility is good too, but I don't like that this now means gears 3 probably won't be remastered. Didn't like 2. This will also probably set a new trend for certain publishers to be even lazier with their remastered games. They'll probably start selling bc title collections at full price.

JasonKCK1799d ago

vickers500 so you would rather pay for something that offers nothing more than a FPS/res bump rather than BC games that offer the same bump for free?

vickers5001798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

BC games dont get any bump, they look the same as they do on the 360. And yeah, I'd pay extra to have a game look better, that's literally the whole point of a remaster. If it doesn't look better, then what's the point?

Gears 1 definitely looks noticeably better remastered than the 360 version, I'd like the same thing to happen with gears 3, but because of this, we wont see it. Another benefit to remastered games is that it brings new players to the games, leading to more enjoyable matches for those of us who don't spend years playing to allow us to do good. The launch grace period is what its called, games like cod or bf are always more fun in the beginning for those very few who are naturally good at these types of games, we get to have fun destroying other inexperienced players. But after that period, everyone learns all the cheap tricks, gets much better and it just becomes a less fun game.

XanderZane1799d ago

Oh snap!! I didn't see that coming. I figured the original Gears of War would be given, but all 4 games added to your digital library for FREE. That's just crazy. I'm so glad I purchased my 4TB external HDD right after I bought my XB1. Looks like I will definitely need it with all these incredible games comings.

zarbor1799d ago

That is awesome but you better get some more storage for these four games will eat up all it.

Now don't mess up the MP as you did with Halo MC

MSBAUSTX1799d ago

The MCC multiplayer is just fine and runs perfectly. Seriously you people need to stop with this crap. It had a bad launch but is smooth as can be now and includes 5 games for early buyers. That is incredible value. Basicaly you can spend $100 between this bundle and the MCC and get 10 games with endless hours of competetive and coop multiplayer. If you arent playing MCC right now then you have no idea what you are talking about when bashing its multiplayer.

christian hour1799d ago

This is fantastic news for Gears fans, can't wait to hand deliver the news to some of my friends :)

Christopher1799d ago

This is how you do it!

I love competition. Pushes people to their best and is always better for the customer in the end.

Muzikguy1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

The more I think about it the more I like it. It would keep some companies from releasing full price ports or games with just a higher resolution. I hope more companies do this

Bigpappy1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Why do I keep wiping water from my right eye and nothing from my left? I think my right eye is too emotional. Must have some female chromosomes in that eye... way too sensitive.

_-EDMIX-_1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

is it? It also means they might not actually re-do any of them.

I could be wrong though, they could have Gears 2-3 done like Ultimate.

edit. oh you have to buy it before a certain date or you don't get them.

errrr might just get them used later on as I'm not getting an XONE this year.

Sucks too because I'm getting Gears 1 on PC, but this offer can't be for PC as those games didn't come to PC.

MSBAUSTX1799d ago

Then dont play PC. Sell that PC and buy an XB1 with a huge HD and have tons of cash left over to buy all the games you want for it. Problem solved. You're welcome.

_-EDMIX-_1798d ago

@MSBA- I'll just wait, too many games coming to PC. Why would I sell my PC for an XONE with some of the games I want are coming to PC?

I barely like Gears, I mean...I didn't like it enough to buy a 360, I don't like it enough to buy an XONE.

Black0ut1799d ago

This is more than great value. This is true fan service.

You see guys, this is why BC can be so useful to the general consumer. More games for all of us!

UKmilitia1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

huge probs to MS and co for this,makes me want a xb1.

the rare replay games and gears brings back some great memories.
my only issue would be i have no xb1 friends to play online with as nobody i know has one which is another issue holding me back.

are they not redoing the full gears in 1080p then? i thought the collection was?

Locknuts1799d ago

Microsoft are absolutely killing it. They deserve to sell more Xboxes

otherZinc1799d ago

Just played Gears Of War 1, it works!

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BlackPanther1800d ago

I think this is great and will be the theme that continues.

I feel that Quantum Break will have Alan Wake as BC title as well. It makes sense. It is easy to do and adds more value to the game.

christocolus1800d ago

Sam lake said they had a surprise for QB fans at Gamescom. Wouldn't be surprised if this is announced.

tigertron1799d ago

Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare here we come! :D

freshslicepizza1800d ago

it would be a great strategy. it definitely trumps the xbox 360 scenario of keeping that system around aside from games not available yet through bc. with this you get the games free even if you never owned them.

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Syriel1800d ago

Hope more game developers do this. Including older titles with newer releases.

christocolus1800d ago

Fallout 4 and Rainbow 6 will include previous versions too. I think more publishers will support it over time. It's an added incentive.

Volkama1800d ago

Ah. I was holding out for Gears Ultimate on the PC, but this makes the Xbox version quite tempting. Maybe I'll get it now, and cross my fingers that it's eventually cross-buy.

Genova841800d ago

Still going pc. I have the original games already so no need for a second copy. I just want marcus in 4k!!

BlackPanther1800d ago

Man I wish I had a 4K setup. Still rocking 1440p till 4K gets higher refresh rates.

crazychris41241799d ago

You guys are lucky. I'm still at 1080p. Hopefully I can jump to 4k next year, just too expensive now.

Genova841799d ago

Installing my two 980tis tonight!! It's gonna cook! Can't wait for dx12 titles. Should get 60fps in 4k at ultra with these puppies!

JMaine5181800d ago

Wow this deal is awesome! I can't wait to beat these games!