Metal Gear Solid V cost over $80 million to develop, says Nikkei report

Hideo Kojima's latest & greatest was not cheap to make

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Chupa-Chupa1808d ago

That's less than the estimated amount of $100 million for MGS4.

Yui_Suzumiya1808d ago

I believe MGS4 took longer to develop though

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Snookies121808d ago

@GearsdoodooBruh - Kingdom Hearts 3 development only started fairly recently... You can't lump that in with games like Last Guardian and FF XV...

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bouzebbal1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

KH3 has been revealed recently. no one knows how long time went into development.
MGSV was ready pretty fast after first reveal. It has been work in progress years before the reveal. Konami just don't reveal games in the early stages, but they tease instead.
We can't say the same about SquareEnix some years ago under the moron Wada. They switch developing platform all the time and games are started from scratch. Just look at Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday

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FallenAngel19841808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

So that would mean not only is MGSV a smaller download size than MGS4, its also a cheaper game to make as well.

@ Solid Gear

No MGS4 took 4 years to develop from 2005-2008. MGSV took 5 years to develop from 2010-2015.

How meta

just_looken1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

If this includes the new engine aswell then thats cheap sense gta 5 was 256 million desteny yikes but that was 500 million and witcher 3 was only 70 million.

If you take all the innovation open world and rpg that the new metal gear has then what a bargain konami got. The games i mention all got there money back quickly metal gear solid pp should make this back by the first week.

Oh for those that dont understand all those games used new engines had open worlds and was long in development.

fei-hung1808d ago

The $500mil for destiny wasn't just for one game but for the destiny franchise, including DLCs, marketing and extension packs.

spacedelete1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

yet this is Konami's last big budget game. i think people are missing the real story here which reveals that Konami isn't interested in investing money in console games and forcing their best employees to do cleaning duties at their clubs. i advise everyone to boycott MGSV and hurt Konami where it hurts. this maybe your last chance to boycott as they are going full mobile after MGSV.

Rookie_Monster1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

nice find, in your article it also stated this:

"'Metal Gear Solid 4 producer Ken Imaizumi has stated that the claim that the PS3 exclusive cost $60 million is incorrect.

"It's being written in recent news that MGS4's budget was over 5 billion [yen] or 7 billion [yen]," Imaizumi tweeted. "It didn't cost that that much." If it cost that much, Imaizumi added, the game would've become multi-platform."

that explained why MGSV is also on all 4 consoles and PC instead of staying PS exclusives like MGS4.

Batzi1808d ago

MGS4 did not cost $100M or $70$M. It was denied by Ken (Producer at KP).

Chucky20031807d ago

Where did you even get that,MGS 4 was between 30-50 mil to make,even that sum is too big,as for almost 100 mil$ for a videogame its stupid and reckles from Konami,its to damn much and they need to sell a lot of copies to make so
e profit,Witcher 3 cost I think 30 mil $ to make,and look how awsome that game is

BallsEye1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Probably 50% of the costs is marketing. Game devs don't earn that much...unless you are really high in office food chain.

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talocaca1808d ago

That's still a lot specially for a Japanese developer now that they have mostly moved to mobile.
I guess it's good or bad depending on how much they end up using the Fox Engine (as I imagine that took a bunch of money).

This might be the first Metal gear I don't buy at launch :/ not happy with the way Konami is treating Kojima Productions.

I'll probably just buy it second hand (but would never skip it!)

SaveFerris1808d ago

Konami got mad at Kojima because that $80m could've gone towards a heck of a lot of pachinko games instead. /s

theshredded1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

that's awesome, shame it couldn't have been more. Konami must've fired Kojima because of his ambitious visions that require a lot of monet

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