How Crazy Is It To Want Shenmue 3 For Dreamcast?

VGN Author writes: The Sega Dreamcast is by far the greatest video game system to ever exist in my own personal opinion — there are literally a handful of new Dreamcast games announced every year for the system. However, unless you’re like me and you continue to use your Dreamcast on a daily basis, those games probably slip right passed your radar.

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Sureshot1269d ago

I understand nostalgia but making this game compatible for a console two gens back is asking way too much of the developers.

Abash1269d ago

I love the Dreamcast, it was an amazing preview of what the future of gaming would be like, but there is no reason to make a Dreamcast version of any game in today's world.

I'd much rather one of the current gen consoles becomes a true successor to the Dreamcast having Shenmue III, Sonic Adventure 3, Jet Set Radio 3, Crazy Taxi 4, ChuChu Rocket! 2, Skies of Arcadia II, etc.

Man just listing those games reminds me how amazing SEGA could still be if they actually made use of their awesome IPs

FallenAngel19841269d ago

Seeing what they showed at the E3 trailer, it might as well be on the Dreamcast. The teaser didn't show visually what you'd expect from two generations later.

pwnsause_returns1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Yea, it's called a proof of concept....... It was there to show that it exists..... -_-

Eonjay1269d ago

Yes it is crazy to want that.
Understandable but crazy.

Summons751269d ago

Oh common, people have a fit when a game announced in 2015 is crossgen with the ps3/360 yelling how it's holding back the "super-ultra realistic, eye melting graphics". You think they are going to be okay with this also releasing on Dreamcast...from 2 gens ago? It's more reasonable and even more so doable for them to just take Shenmue 1 and 2 and give them the HD treatment and release them on current gen for 20-30 bucks, even if it's a quick port and spruce up to make it a digital download to keep costs low.

MasterCornholio1269d ago

It would be nice to see but the hardware would hold the game back.

There's too much of a difference between the Dreamcast and the PS4

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