King’s Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember Review – Affa Natta! (PSLS)

"Recently, we’ve seen a revitalization of the adventure genre, thanks to developers like Telltale Games using strong licenses, and Double Fine bringing back classic LucasArts favorites. None, however, have struck me as true to the genre as what The Odd Gentlemen were able to lovingly craft when they made this revival of the exemplary franchise that was the catalyst for our modern narrative in games. Move over Telltale. You’ve got some significant competition in the adventure gaming field." - PSLS

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ftwrthtx1804d ago

I may have to check this one out

1804d ago
knifefight1804d ago

Hoping for a collection release when all episodes are released.

MilkMan1804d ago

I'm gonna go on record and say that this game has a charm that no other game of this kind has been able to capture. I was genuinely upset that I completed chapter 1.
I wanted more.
If the rest of the chapters are as well thought out captivating as this first entry, the return to Daventry is a lovely one indeed.
Thank you Sierra for such an early Christmas gift.