GT7 Prolonged: where was Gran Turismo 7 at E3 2015?

VVV: "However, there was something else Sony’s conference sorely lacked: racing games. Or, to be more specific, Gran Turismo 7. I doubt I was alone in hoping that Polyphony would take the opportunity to show us even the faintest sign of life of the new Gran Turismo game, which Polyphony have previously confirmed is in the works. Even a teaser trailer showing an extreme close-up of a highly detailed headlight with a vague release window would have sufficed. Just…something. Anything. Unfortunately, Gran Turismo’s absence at E3 could have long term repercussions for the series."

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crazychris41241799d ago

I hope we don't get a GT7 Prologue. Just give us the full game from the start.

xer01799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

The more we are starved for this game, the more we'll want it! Besides, the last GT title, came out on PS3 - 2 years ago... 2013.

We have Drive Club and Project Cars for now.

I am excited for GT7 on PS4, and I know it'll be awesome.., but lets exercise some patience for the next installment - which will be a masterpiece! :)

nix1799d ago

i'm more worried about what wheel to buy.. i bought the T80 for Driveclub because it's cheaper but was completely crestfallen when i found out how crappy it was compared to Logitech GT wheel.

i should have googled first about the review or at least given an attention to comments.

i think GT7 will have open world driving, like real world where you have to follow the rules etc. Kaz had said that's what he was interested in. i hope it comes out with that feature.

ABizzel11799d ago

PGW / TGS / PSX / 2016 showing.

They said it should launch before 2017, so they still have a full year before it has to be shown.

PGW has taken over for Gamescom for Sony's EU conference, and as of last gen GT sells best in EU.

TGS is it's native country.

PSX has some surprise announces for PS fans if they have another one this year.

Otherwise it can have an E3 2016 showing with a holiday 2016 release date.

bouzebbal1799d ago

GT7 sells much more in the west. TGS reveal is very unlikely.

craig2web1799d ago

Tokyo is their hometown, so it's very likely. It isn't all about sales.

Volkama1799d ago

Paris. Europe loves some Gran Turismo.

loopygames1799d ago

Tokyo Game Show 2015, maybe?

FallenAngel19841799d ago

Sony can only drop so many bombshells at a conference at a time

Volkama1799d ago

A lot of the stuff they did show at E3 wasn't exactly "coming soon" though, so GT7 could still be several Forzas away.

A "Forza" is a measurement of time, approximately 1 year in normal terms.

poppinslops1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Yeah, I expect we'll see a lot of 'GT7 vs FM7' articles in 2017... unless the NX suprises everyone with a 1080p/60fps version of Project Cars 2 - in which case it'll be the ultimate fanboy throwdown!

triple_c1799d ago

GT comes out every 3 years and the last 1 came out in 2013 so I guarantee you that GT7 will either be at TGS, PGS or PSX. You can't expect Sony to reveal all of their cards at E3. They have to save some surprises for other events

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