New Direction For PlayStation LifeStyle

Sev1512 writes:

Another thing you will notice is that there will be no more "insider news", no more "rumors", etc. Instead of working against developers/publishers, we will be working with them to bring you a inside look at the games they are producing. We apologize, since we know a lot of you first came here for our insider news. However, we will be focusing less on hits and more on quality journalism, as well as keeping PlayStation LifeStyle's integrity intact throughout the gaming industry.

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Relcom4801d ago (Edited 4801d ago )

Conveniently before the Aug 3rd reveal?

Can i get a explanation on this here Sev

Sev4801d ago

We already revealed the game... Hardware 2
We still have screens but are debating if we will release them or not.

We pissed of some developers that we considered friends, hence the new direction for PSLS.

I am sure most of you know that MY inside info has always been correct.

I just wont be leaking info anymore.

We had some conflicting info on our site recently, and that situation has been taken care of.

Relcom4801d ago

Ok i see, Again i'm not tryin to be mean just thought we needed some further explaination. Thank you for your work and RELEASE THE SCREENS!

Thats one vote ;)

Sev4801d ago (Edited 4801d ago )

No problem, I can understand anyone being skeptical.

Its hard to believe insider news, its hard to believe a lot of stuff on the net.

I was getting sick of all the controversy that accompanied announcing unannounced news.

Anyone else still want to see the Hardware 2 screens?

Agree if you want to see the screens, Disagree if you want me to just shut up and retire already... lol

Michael Jackson4801d ago

Hardware 2 screens please.
And post them now instead of Aug 3 so you can go ahead with your new direction for playstationlifestyle a lot sooner. :)

skynidas4801d ago

Release the SCREENS!!!
And BTW i like the direction you guys are going to, i'll still be a regular reader on your site

TheColbertinator4801d ago (Edited 4801d ago )

No Final Fantasy 7 Remake.Stop asking for it.Its not coming.Deal with it people.

Final Fantasy 1 PS3 Remake FTW

Omegasyde4801d ago

The reason your site got so many hits was the ammount of information that you guys would find out. Your site was one of the few that knew something before anyone else and that the rumors became true.

In Fact many brand name sites, ps3fanboy, CVG,, and the PSblog itself would dirrectly acknowledge your information.

Sad, Sev you can't please everyone but you will be losing alot of hits for going foward with this.

Inside the Developers studios information can be found everywhere, but the inside source on new games,firmware isn't. You might want to rethink your chosen actions. PSLS just lost its edge.

Violater4801d ago

I never understood why people take NeoGAF so seriously.

Freak of Nature4801d ago

I agree with Omegasyde .....

You're site was special. It seems now it will be like many of the other hundreds out there.

I wish you could still get some "early scoops" and then give them that "quality journalism". This way you will get the best of both World's....

gaffyh4801d ago

Sev - I'd like to see the screens is possible, at least this should be done so that you can prove to everyone you weren't lying in the first place. Although I do believe you cos your info is usually accurate.

juuken4801d ago


I wanna see this game for myself.

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paul_war4801d ago

The more quality journalism the better!

The trick is now to escape the monotony of many other sites, it’s not an easy task, but I’m sure you can do it.

Sev4801d ago


And to clarify I am not retiring. I am just changing the site's direction.

El_Colombiano4801d ago (Edited 4801d ago )

That's a huge disappointment...I loved PlayStation LifeStyle for the fact that I could trust every leaks they posted about. Now it'll only be a news based site like the millions of others? This a very, very sad day indeed. I wouldn't look at leaking stuff as against devs, but more of helping them. I mean, it produces hype that, otherwise, wouldn't be there. I'm very disappointed to see that you guys chose this way, but I still wish you the best.

Freak of Nature4801d ago

If I want quality journalism or a good read, I'll read a novel.

I want inside scoops and early tips on whats coming up.

Hey the new Trico game is coming to Leipzig,hey Jax 4 is going to be shown next week at a special private showing etc,etc...

I am sure you're site will be a good one,and I wish you luck. But...... I thought you're site was already a special one,now it seems it's going "main-stream."

micro_invader4801d ago

Another vote here for the Hardware 2 screens, please :)

belal4801d ago

show us the screens plzzz :P

Sev4801d ago

I know, isnt it!

Sorry to let you guys down.

TheColbertinator4801d ago

I left my opinion in the Gamer zone.Sorry I did'nt elaborate

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