5 Indie Games to Get Excited For This Year

ASidCast: "We've had quite a bunch of exciting releases this year, including some epic AAA names (GTA V on PC, Witcher 3, Arkham Knight) as well as some wonderful indie games (Ori and The Blind Forest, Rocket League, Her Story). But we're not quite done yet. While there's the usual crop of big names still to come this year, there's also an assortment of indie titles to get hyped up about."

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uth111176d ago

Looking forward to Firewatch. Night in the Woods is interesting, but I thought it wasn't coming this year?

ninsigma1176d ago

Really looking forward to everybody's gone to the rapture and firewater. Both games look awesome! Nevery seen night in the woods before but it looks quite cool. May just pick that up as well!

IamTylerDurden11176d ago

Can't wait for Everbody's Gone to the Rapture it's 20% of if you preorder making it less than 16$, plus you get an awesome dynamic theme.

I would absolutely add GALAK-Z The Dimensional to that list, GALAK-Z is looking so good. The art style is gorgeous, the newly announced Mech ability is what sealed it for me. The 80's anime style is terrific, it's all hand drawn, it's a rogue-lite space shooter with super advanced physics and ai.

Firewatch looks very pretty and quite interesting, they showed it at Sony's e3 presentation, i believe it's coming to PS4 or PS4/PC 1st. Every game on the list is fantastic looking, don't sleep Into the Woods, it'll be an extremely well reviewed game.

IamTylerDurden11176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I am really excited about the Tomorrow Children, i feel it has the chance to be groundbreaking almost akin to a more dynamic, more beautiful iteration of Minecraft, but with some actual narrative.

Salt & Sanctuary looks outstanding as a 2-D version of Dark Souls, or Bloodborne.

Soma which releases on PS4/PC in September is an eery mix of Bioshock and Outlast, looks so interesting and good.

Rime, Abzu, and The Forest all look interesting, but they may not all make 2015.

Even Ascendant which is a rogue-like 2-D brawler looks intriguing and it releases August 25th on PS4. So many incredible indies/games coming. Broforce, Mother Russia Bleeds, Energy Hook, Crossing Souls, Project Phoenix, Zodiac (Vita), Tower of Monsters, WiLD, SNOW, Submerged releases in August. Craziness.

poppinslops1176d ago

I'm not sure if they're still due for 2015, but 'Below' and 'the Long Dark' are still the indies I'm most eager to play, along with 'the Flame in the Flood' and 'Tacoma'... Hopefully Gamescom will have release dates for at least one of them.

The director of 'Brothers: a Tale of two Sons' is working on a game called 'Hazelight'... so far he's only shown a short teaser clip, but 'Brothers...' is more than enough to make it a game worth keeping an eye on.

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