Things To Look Forward To From Microsofts Gamescom Conference

With Sony and the PlayStation 4 “winning” this console generation (by “winning” I refer to the hardware sales figures), and Microsoft losing ground in Europe, Gamescom is going to be a key gaming event for Microsoft to tackle and win back some of the European market - especially given that Sony won’t be holding a conference/briefing at the event this year.

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EchoFyre1267d ago

As a Microsoft fan I hope they continue to win back some of the gaming crowd at events like Gamescom but it's going to be a miracle if they ever overtake PS4s in this generation of consoles due to the terrible launch/E3 conferences.

TheCommentator1267d ago

No need to overtake PS4, just create better brand imaging and more must have new IP. This year's E3 was awesome, and E3 part deux is already looking to at least equal that. I, for one am super excited!

ScorpiusX1267d ago

Am hoping for a massive comeback and stomping of the competition.

nowitzki20041267d ago

They should be used to being down to PS. PS2 outsold Xbox, PS3 outsold 360, and now PS4 is outselling the X1..

I loved my 360 and PS3 and never cared which one was selling better. What they tried to do to gamers with the plans they had at the X1's reveal is what made me stay away from the X1. They shouldnt worry abot catching up inb sales just worry about releasing games gamers want to play.

ScorpiusX1267d ago

Looking forward to hearing about everything being released now & the future .

scark921267d ago

Really want to see more of Scalebound, Crackdown, and I hope 'Sea of Thieves' shows up!

BigGamersSmallTalk1267d ago

Pretty much like everyone else, I'm interested in Scalebound, Crackdown and Quantum Break. I also want Killer Instinct Season 3 announced. Be cool to see a couple of surprises they are rumored to have as well.
Glad they are treating Gamescom like a second E3, it gives gamers even more to look forward to.

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